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Training for the handling and control of semi-automatic and automatic CDA labellers

Our training courses cover all CDA automatic and semi-automatic labelling machines: Basic principles of your labelling machine, specific applications of your labelling machine for wine products or industry products.


They have been designed in such a way that users of CDA machines master their labelling machines as a whole in order to optimise the packaging of their products and maximise their service life.

Our training courses accompany you whatever your type of labelling machine: Semi automatic labellers (Ninette 1, Ninette 2, Ninette Flat, Ninette Pails, Ninette Tube, Ninette Auto) and automatic labellers (Essentiel, Gama R1000-R1500, Gama R1000-R1500 Mixed, B1500, R1000 Foils, Regionale, Lea, Lystop S, Cap System, Solo Range, Ninon 1500/2500 Range, Ninon Konic, Ninon Side, Ninon Down, Ninon Wrap, Ninon Mix, Ninon By-Pass, Ninon Vape)

CDA training courses are intended for all sectors of activity and all formats of products to be labelled: labelling of all types of bottles or cylindrical containers (wine bottles, beer bottles, shampoo, soaps, oil, vinegar, etc.) labelling of buckets (Painting, etc.) labelling of jars (honey, jam, marmalade, etc.) labelling of preserves (vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, etc.), labelling of cans (chemical products, detergents, etc.) and many other products and formats.

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