After several months of research and development in collaboration with craft brewers and microbreweries, CDA has developed one of the most compact and ergonomic Monobloc of the market for the beer filling.



Equipped with 2 dosing nozzles and an impeller pump system, this automatic machine enabling to fill and cap up to 1200 beer bottles/hour while preserving the quality and stability of the product.


Our automatic Monobloc can easily adapt, with few settings, to all beer bottle formats (25cL to 1,5L) and allows a cold filling (3°C) as well as a filling at ambient temperature.


Specially designed for a maximal modulation, it is easily possible to integrate a labelling machine upstream or downstream the filling/capping. Other complementary filling elements can be incorporated, as a laser marking at the output or a rotary table.


With its ultra-compact size (stainless steel frame of one square meter for 2,5 meters high) the B-HOP is managed by an intuitive tactile display: setting of the different temporizations, of the pump speed, of the doses delivered by the pump (with a simple system of dose correction), of the capping height, activation or deactivation of the cap presence control.


Depending on the type of caps, our Monobloc has a force capping setting system with a manometer. In these conditions, the B-Hop is one of the few machines of the market that can adapt to a maximum of bottles and cap formats.


For its maintenance between each production, CDA has thought of everything while facilitating the cleaning of the machine by an excellent accessibility and a simple product circuit.


Thanks to its technical characteristics, speed, ergonomics, ultra-compact size, ease of handling, simplification in maintenance and the guarantee of product stability, the B-HOP is the beer filler / capper that will take place in all microbreweries and craft breweries wishing to gain in production performance.


Our B-HOP will be present at the professional fair of the Brasseur de Nancy the 13thand 14thof April. Come to discover it Hall A stand 11!

You won’t be present at the professional fair and you want more information about our B-HOP?

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During the professional fair, CDA will present its automatic and semiautomatic packaging machines, dedicated to the beer sector:


-Ninette 1,semi-automatic labelling machine: this machine applies a label on beer bottle of various formats (25cL to 1,5L) with a speed of 1000 bottles/hour. For more information about the Ninette 1, click here!


-Ninette Auto, automatic labelling machine: this ultra-compact labelling machine applies up to 2 labels with a speed of 1000 bottles/hour. For more information about the Ninette Auto, click here!


-B1500, automatic labelling machine: especially designed for the brewery sector, this machine can be easily integrated to a full automatic filling line as the B-HOP. It applies up to 4 labels on beer bottles of various formats (25cL to 1,5L) with a speed up to 1500 bottles/hour. For more information about the B1500, click here!


-B-Caps, capping machine: with a capacity of up to 1500 bottles per hour, the B-caps can be adapted to different bottle formats (25cL, 30cL, 50cL, 1L, 1,5L). A vibrating bowl and the capping by pneumatic cylinder allow the automatic distribution of the caps. To guarantee the presence of the caps, the B-Caps has a detector. This automatic machine can be perfectly integrated to a filling line. For more information about the B-Caps, click here! 



One of our beer labelling machine suits your needs? Don’t hesitate to visit us at the professional fair of Nancy, the 13thand 14th – Hall A, Stand 11!