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Brasseurs de la cité

Automatic labelling of 33cL to 50cL bottles

Semi-automatic machine to label beer bottles, perfectly suited to small production runs.

Customers: Brasseurs de la cité

Business activity: Beer industry


The Brasseurs de la Cité contacted CDA to find a labelling solution for their beer bottles. For small production runs of this type, we recommend the semi-automatic labelling machines in our range. They are reliable, easy to use and long-lasting, which makes them perfectly suited for local micro-breweries.

Réponse de CDA

With the Ninette Auto labelling machine, CDA was able to rapidly satisfy the expectations of this brewery, enabling it to increase its rate of production thanks to the motorized conveyor and accumulation table present on the machine.


  • Integration of the CDA labelling machine in a complete brewery line producing 3000 bottles per week
  • Time saved in the production cycle
  • Versatile labelling of various formats without having to change product format