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Manufacturer of filling and labelling machines since 1991

Since 1991, CDA has offered semi-automatic and automatic adhesive labelling machines, semi-automatic and automatic filling machines, as well as complete packing lines for the wine, food and drink industries, the paint sector, the chemical industry, e-cigarettes, cosmetics, beer production, etc. Our machines are fully designed, machined and manufactured on our premises in Narbonne and are renowned for their reliability, ease of use, durability and excellent value for money.


CDA has been designing, manufacturing and selling labelling and filling solutions since 1991. We offer a wide range of filling and labelling machines for your products, as well as complete packing lines.

Our labelling, filling, screwing and capping machines are internationally reputed for their manufacturing quality and can be adapted to suit all products and formats.

Our automatic and semi-automatic filling and labelling machines are suitable for all business sectors: wine sector, food processing, beer, e-liquid, cosmetics and chemicals.

Our expertise in different industrial sectors

Our automatic and semi-automatic filling machines, our automatic and semi-automatic labelling machines, our integral designs and custom-made packing lines, designed entirely by CDA, are suitable for all business sectors and container types.

Wine – Spirits
Chemical industry
Paint industry
Food processing industry
Cosmetics industry
Beer industry

Wine – Spirits

This is CDA’s historical business sector. We offer first-rate support through our in-depth experience and our complete range of efficient and robust filling and labelling machines to match to your production requirements

Chemical industry

CDA designs filling and labelling machines for the chemical sector, taking into account all the necessary constraints related to format, viscosities and production rates.


CDA has developed a range that is exclusively dedicated to the complete packing of e-liquid bottles. Our "E-Fill" range can be used to fill, cap, screw and label your containers.

Paint industry

We design filling and labelling machines that perfectly match the sizes, shapes and specific features of products in the paint industry.

Food processing industry

CDA offers a wide range of filling and labelling machines that are fully suited to the food processing industry, complying with the specific features of containers and viscosities.

Cosmetics industry

Our labelling and filling machines are perfectly suited to the viscosity of your cosmetic products and the precise packaging design of your containers.

Beer industry

Our range of labelling and filling machines designed specifically for beer bottles can be adapted to all brewery sizes and all constraints related to production rates and bottle shapes.

Our history

CDA was founded in 1991 by two friends, Dominique Chabot and Pascal Delrieu, and has continued to grow and diversify. Over 25 years after the company was founded, filling machines, labelling machines and complete packing lines, designed entirely by CDA, are now present in all business sectors and across all continents.




BILLION products


since 1991



Our process

Maximize your added value, accuracy and simplicity

Identify the requirement
Identify the requirement
  • Analyse the request
  • Technical advice
  • Present the offer
  • Set up of your order form
  • Confirmation and signature of the contract
  • Planning of the production of your machine
Customized engineering
Customized engineering
  • Consideration of the feasibility of your project
  • Realization of technical plans
  • Validation of technical plans
  • Machining
  • Assembly and manufacturing
  • Adjustments and tests
Quality control
Quality control
  • Control of the adjustments
  • Cleaning of the machine
  • Packing of the machine
  • Delivery by carrier
  • Machine installation by a CDA's technician
  • Machine start up
Technical support
Technical support
  • Transmission of your file to CDA's after-sales service
  • After-sales service at your disposal
  • Intervention by CDA technicians

CDA Trainings

You want to fully control the operation of your labelling machine, your filling machine or your complete packaging line and maximize its profitability and service life?

CDA has specially designed training courses adapted to optimize the control of your machines regardless of your sector of activity, the nature of the product and the shape of the container.

Discover CDA training courses

Our Values & Principles

Your success makes us proud ! This is the reason why the quality of the customer relationship, the precision, the performance and the ease of use of our machines has always been the priority of CDA's managers in the manufacturing of labelling, filling and capping machines.

Partner relationships

Partner relationships

At CDA we perceive our customers as real partners. We always keep in mind that they are our best ambassadors and that their success build our own success.


Wee know that the quality of your products depends on a precise and accurate filling, labelling and capping of your containers. This is why it is at the center of our technology.


The ease of use of labelling, filling and capping machines is an important criteria for the purchase of a machine. CDA develops systems that combine ergonomics and ease of usage.


The lifespan of our machines is one of the highest in the market. This longevity is due to the sturdiness of each elements thoroughly selected to composed your machine.

Our team

Yann Le Naour
Remi Langlois
Geoffrey Giraud
Hugo Lencioni
Carlos Reynoso
Adam Hanig
Vanessa Thiboud
Steven Tessier
Patrick Desmero
Milan Jelic
Célia Ovini
Cédric Roig
Brice Arnaud
Anthony Moreau
Zalhata Bakari
Younesse Essaidi
Thomas Vidal
Thomas Nualart
Thierry Calvayrac
Steven Bacave Esteve
Sofian Abidi
Ninon Delrieu
Maxime Ballester
Léo Amat
Jonathan Lancien
Jérôme Solomiac
Jean-François Rodriguez
Grégory Verger
Gabriel Rosique
Etienne Magana
Dominique Manes
Danny Lastre
Claudie Moreau
Céline Lerebours
Cédric Ollivier
Astrée De Vielder
Anthony Delbourg
Charlotte Chabot
Aurore Cosma
Sabrina Sempere
Guillaume Boyer
Caroline Pitussi
Lucas Milcendeau
Neide Almeida
Virginie Cros
Judson Araujo
Marina Pastyik
Goran Jelic
Sébastien Buissan
Mathieu Bru
Mathis Hernandez
William Rouch
Fabien Bouchard
Marion Chabot
Julien Douris
Eric Lecha
Benoit Navarro
Laurent Bordier
Babeth Raposo
Yoann Segura
Yohan Clamens
Thomas Iche
Sylvain Coumes
Stéphanie Cayuela
Stéphane Vallée
Sébastien Nicoules
Romain Chabot
Renaud Anthony
Rémi Fraisse
Rémi Amman
Philippe Botella
Patrice Garcia
Pascal Billy
Olga Muller
Nicholas Gauthier
Michel Coquard
Marion Moreno
Emmanuelle Carol
Abdelmalek Anharro
Ludovic Casse
Laurent Clergue
Klaus Geerardyn
Khaled Sebabiban
Kevin Vallée
Kevin Cayuela
Julien Marcorelle
Julien Lourdin
Julien Gleizes
Julien Champaloux
Jonathan Not
Johanna Calmette
Joachim Rezgui
Jimmy Strittmatter
Jérome Barthes
Jennifer Ribeiro
Hervé Meyer
Geoffrey Ainoza
Franck Suffys
Florent Palaysi
Fabien Grenet
Fabrice Escolano
Emilien Gibert
Elise Castelar
Cyrill Amigues
Christophe Sylvestre
Céline Paoli
Céline Loncan
Christophe Arnaud
Benjamin Lanvin
Aurore Jaile
Aurélien Marchal

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