Packaging solutions for laboratory and parapharmacy products

Parapharmaceuticals products cover a heterogeneous offer: health (food supplements, muscle pain treatments), beauty (cleansers, make-up remover, floral waters), hygiene (dental care, intimate hygiene, hand disinfectant). The packaging needs of laboratories are plural while covering both the dosing / filling action as well as the screwing / capping and labelling action. CDA, a packaging machines’ manufacturer, has developed a wide range of machines to meet all these needs.

Packaging solutions for laboratory and parapharmacy products

Our packaging solutions for laboratory and parapharmacy products

CDA, a major player in packaging in Europe, has been supporting many customers for 3 decades in the purchase of a filling / screwing / labelling machine. The packaging projects that we carry out in the parapharmaceutical sector are numerous, allowing us to acquire a high level of expertise. CDA provides a filling solution for most of the parapharmaceutical products (food supplements, micellar waters, mouthwash, lubricants, balms, alcohol gel…). CDA has also designed screwing machines to fit most caps (twist-off, cap…). Finally, we have developed a range of labelling machines able to apply labels (standard, bottle sealing label, multi layer label) on various shapes (cylindrical, conical, oval…) depending on a first label, a notch, etc.. To meet the expectations of start-ups and laboratories, we offer semi-automatic and automatic solutions for each range of machines.

Semi-automatic filling machines for laboratory and parapharmacy products

CDA has designed a range of semi-automatic filling machines to meet the dosing requirements of small productions. This range of filling machines is suitable for liquid, viscous and pasty products as well as many container shapes/sizes.

Automatic filling machines for laboratory and parapharmacy products

In order to fill your micellar waters, hydroalcoholic gel, cleaners, balms and creams, CDA has designed several automatic filling machines. These packaging tools are known for their reliability, robustness and versatility, thus perfectly meeting the expectations of the stakeholders formulating parapharmaceutical products.

Capping and screwing machines for laboratory and parapharmacy products

Among our screwing machines, you’ll find semi-automatic and automatic screwers adapted to the shape of your containers.

Semi-automatic labelling machines for laboratory and parapharmacy products

Whether you are a large pharmaceutical company or a start-up, a semi-automatic labeller can perfectly meet your product packaging needs. Convenient, simple, robust, these machines offer precise and professional labelling. We recommend the acquisition of a semi-automatic labelling machine for packaging small productions (premium products, launch of a new range, product testing…).

Our monoblocs for laboratory and parapharmacy products

Ultra compact, our monoblocs are versatile: filling, screwing, labelling are carried out on a single machine. Space saving and efficient, our monoblocs are specialized in packaging liquid to pasty products in cylindrical vials (from 5ml to 1L).

Complementary solutions for laboratory and parapharmacy products

We are aware that each sector of activity has its own requirements. In order to offer a machine that meets all of your needs, we have many complementary solutions that can be integrated into your CDA machine. Need a marking, machine enclosure, batch number control ? You will find here a non-exhaustive list of these solutions :

CDA's response to the sector's challenges

Q&A on CDA France’s Packaging Solutions for Parapharmaceutical Products


1. Why should I choose CDA France’s packaging solutions for my production of parapharmaceuticals as a start-up ?

CDA France offers packaging solutions adapted to the specific needs of start-ups in the parapharmaceutical sector. From label removal to label applicator, our expertise ensures a seamless integration into your production chain, supporting the growth of your young company.


2. How can CDA’s solutions optimize the packaging of parapharmaceuticals in conical bottles for laboratories ?

The laboratories benefit from the flexibility of our solutions, adapted to the packaging of parapharmaceuticals in conical bottles. Our label dispensing and applicator equipment is designed to adapt to different bottle shapes, ensuring a professional presentation of your products.


3. How are CDA’s machines suitable for filling round, oval or square vials for large groups’ parapharmaceutical productions ?

Large Groups benefit from the efficiency of CDA’s machines for filling bottles of various shapes, whether round, oval or square. Our equipment is designed to optimize the production line, ensuring a smooth management of bottle filling, up to the label applicator.


4. What benefits can start-ups derive from CDA’s label applicators for different bottle shapes in the parapharmaceutical sector ?

Start-ups benefit from the versatility of CDA’s label applicators, adapted to different bottle shapes such as round, oval, square or conical. This allows a precise and aesthetic labelling process, reinforcing the visual quality of your parapharmaceutical products from the start.


5. How does CDA ensure the quality of the screwing process of pipettes and dropper caps onto parapharmaceutical bottles ?

CDA ensures the quality of the screwing process of pipettes and dropper caps on bottles of parapharmaceuticals. Our machines are designed to ensure a precise tightening, preserving the integrity of your products while ensuring the user’s satisfaction.


6. How are CDA’s packaging solutions adapted to different forms of vials for the production of laboratory parapharmaceuticals?

CDA’s packaging solutions adapt to different bottle shapes for the production of parapharmaceutical products in the laboratory, offering maximum flexibility. Whether you use round, oval, square or conical bottles, our equipment guarantee a total adaptability to your packaging needs.


7. How can CDA’s monoblocs and complete packaging lines optimise the efficiency of the production chain in the parapharmaceutical sector for Large Groups ?

Our monoblocs and complete packaging lines are designed to optimise the efficiency of the production chain in the parapharmaceutical sector for large groups. Our expertise, from the removal of labels to the screwing of the caps, contributes to the continued success of your products by ensuring an optimal management and professional presentation.

Packaging solutions for laboratory and parapharmacy products


Small productions for parapharmacy retail distribution can find a packaging solution within the range of our semi-automatic filling and labelling machines. CDA's semi-automatic labellers and fillers provide high quality standards and enhance the finished product through high dosing and labelling accuracy.

Packaging solutions for laboratory and parapharmacy products


Laboratories must comply with many rules regarding the packaging of parapharmaceutical products. In addition to legal constraints, laboratories must achieve a certain level of productivity to meet their commitments to their distributors. A wide range of labelling and filling machines have been developed to meet these expectations.

Packaging solutions for laboratory and parapharmacy products

Large group

Large laboratories can rely on our R&D team to acquire a complete and tailor-made packaging line. In addition to being a manufacturer, we are an integrator, which allows you to have only one contact person for framing, adjusting, installing and training the entire packaging line. Being supported by a single contact person is a real time and efficiency gain for the realization of your packaging chain.

Filling, sealing and labelling machines : learn more about the complete packaging lines.

Whatever your sector of activity or your product, CDA puts the experience of its design office at your disposal to develop and design your complete customised line. CDA offers the packaging line perfectly adapted to your needs by adjusting technologies, dimensions, conveyors, etc.

Feed systems (rotary tables, modular conveyor belts, etc.), Conveyor systems, Dosing / filling systems, Capping systems, Labelling systems, End-of-line systems (accumulation, case packing, film-wrapping and palletizing), Marking systems.



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