Labellers, filling machine and monoblocks for E-liquid products

From the labelling machine to the semi-automatic filling machine and to the fully automated e-liquid packaging line, CDA allows each company to control its production of eliquid and to maintain the desired speeds.

Labellers, filling machine and monoblocks for  E-liquid products

CDA, leader in solutions for E-Liquid packaging

Becoming an alternative with less harmful effects than original cigarettes, the electronic cigarette and thus e-liquids are becoming the most serious substitute for quitting smoking.

E-liquid manufacturers are looking to:

– Guarantee high product quality in terms of hygiene standards

– Differentiate on e-liquid flavours

– Differentiate on the packaging reflecting the brand’s positioning

Depending on the size of the company and the desired packaging capacity of e-liquid vials, the needs are various. In 6 years CDA has become one of the leaders in the e-liquid sector by offering a complete range especially dedicated to e-liquid: automatic labelling machines, semi-automatic filling machines and monoblocks.


Semi-automatic filling machines for eliquid products

The filling of e-liquid bottles requires high precision. The K-ONE semi-automatic peristaltic filling pump designed by CDA offers one of the best filling accuracy on the market with an error margin of +/- 1%. Its fast rate allows the filling of up to 1500 vials in 10 ml per hour.

Semi-automatic labellers for e-liquids

For your small productions, CDA has created a range of semi-automatic machines for the application of adhesive labels on containers of various sizes (jars, bottles, tubes, flasks, cans, etc.). Compact and robust, the machines in the semi-automatic range will allow you a great deal of freedom of use and precise labelling for flasks from 10ml.

CDA's automatic labelling machines for the e-liquid industry

Automatic labelling machine with two labelling stations that can label up to 50 bottles of e-liquid per minute or automatic labelling machine with a single labelling station that can label up to 60 products per minute, CDA has developed machines adapted to all liquid formats for electronic cigarettes: 10 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml and up to 1 litre bottles.

Complete packing lines and monoblock for eliquid production

CDA’s range of E-FILL e-liquid packaging monoblocks is the best on the market. Our “all-in-one” packaging lines allow all packaging operations to be carried out on a single machine: automatic filling machine, automatic screw-capping and automatic labelling machine. Depending on the options, our E-FILL S automates all the operations: bottle straightening, capping,, filling and labelling. Depending on the models, the production rates vary from 25 to 50 products per minute.

Complementary solutions for e-liquid packaging

Automatic unscrambler for e-liquid bottles, automatic hopper, feeding/receiving table for all types of e-liquid bottles, CDA has developed a whole range of complementary solutions to optimize the packaging of your juices.

CDA's response to the sector's challenges

Q&A on CDA France’s Packaging Solutions for E-Liquid


1. Why would I choose CDA France’s packaging solutions for my E-Liquid production as a VSE ?

VSEs benefit from CDA’s packaging solutions, specially adapted to the needs of the E-Liquid sector. From label removal to a label applicator, our equipment offer a seamless integration into your production line, supporting the quality of your electronic cigarette products.


2. How can CDA’s solutions optimise the packaging of SMEs’ flavoured e-liquids ?

SMEs benefit from the flexibility of our solutions, adapted to the packaging of flavored e-liquids. Our automatic filling and screwing equipment guarantee optimal management of the production line, thus preserving the quality of the aromas in your electronic cigarette products.


3. How are CDA’s machines suitable for automatic bottle filling when it comes to Large E-Liquid Groups ?

Large Groups benefit from the efficiency of CDA’s machines for automatic bottle filling. Our equipment, including the removal of labels and the label applicator, are designed to optimise the production chain, ensuring the smooth management of e-liquids in an automated process.


4. What benefits can VSEs derive from CDA’s label applicators for different formats of E-Liquid bottles ?

VSEs benefit from the versatility of CDA’s label applicators, adapted to different formats of E-Liquid bottles. This allows a precise and aesthetic labelling, reinforcing the visual quality of your products and contributing to a professional presentation in the electronic cigarette market.


5. How does CDA ensure the quality of the automatic bottle tightening for SMEs in the E-Liquids sector ?

CDA ensures the quality of the automatic screwing process of bottles for SMEs in the E-Liquids sector. Our machines are designed to ensure a precise tightening, preserving the integrity of your products while meeting the strict standards of E-Liquids production.


6. How are CDA’s packaging solutions adapted to the varied needs of Large Groups in the E-Liquids sector ?

CDA’s packaging solutions adapt to the varied needs of Large Groups in the E-Liquids sector, offering the maximum flexibility. Whether you produce flavored e-liquids, products of different ranges or formats, our equipment guarantee a total adaptability to your packaging needs.


7. How can CDA’s packaging monoblocs optimise the efficiency of the E-Liquids’ production line for Large Groups ?

Our packaging monoblocs are designed to optimise the efficiency of the E-Liquids’ production line for large groups. Our expertise contributes to the continued success of your products by ensuring an optimal management and professional presentation in the E-Liquid market.

Labellers, filling machine and monoblocks for  E-liquid products

Very small business

The VSEs will be equipped with semi-automatic packaging machines. A semi-automatic filling machine, a semi-automatic labelling machine or a semi-automatic screwing machine will initially be in phase with the packaging of their small or medium e-liquid production.

Labellers, filling machine and monoblocks for  E-liquid products


Growing SME/SMIs will move towards more automated packaging machines. Faced with packaging speeds that are higher than those of semi-automatic labeling and filling machines for e-liquid products, the companies will choose labelling or filling machines that allow them to automate a growing production.

Labellers, filling machine and monoblocks for  E-liquid products

Large groups

Large groups will generally focus exclusively on e-liquid packaging machines with high speeds and fully automated: filling, capping / screwing, labelling, cartoning 100% automatic, without manual intervention.

Filling, sealing and labelling machines : learn more about the complete packaging lines.

Whatever your sector of activity or your product, CDA puts the experience of its design office at your disposal to develop and design your complete customised line. CDA offers the packaging line perfectly adapted to your needs by adjusting technologies, dimensions, conveyors, etc.

Feed systems (rotary tables, modular conveyor belts, etc.), Conveyor systems, Dosing / filling systems, Capping systems, Labelling systems, End-of-line systems (accumulation, case packing, film-wrapping and palletizing), Marking systems.



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