CDA has been supporting its customers since 1991 by offering packaging machines. Behind every machine hides the passionate work of many CDA employees. This is why we have decided to present the different departments revolving around the manufacture of our machines:



CDA relies on this service to source all the necessary components to manufacture our machines. The majority of our parts are manufactured at CDU, but certain elements (such as electronic components) cannot be manufactured at CDA: the PURCHASING department thus manages their supplies.





CDU is our machining company. From raw materials (aluminum, stainless steel) and using numerous machines, the CDU teams create and produce the different parts that will make up our fillers, cappers and labellers. CDU is located accross from the CDA company, in the Narbonne industrial park.

CDU is itself divided into 2 major departments:

  • The machining department: for the creation of the constituent parts of the sub-assemblies.
  • The boilermaking division: for creating frames for filling, capping and labelling machines.





This team makes (from parts machined by CDU) the sub-assemblies (conveyor, labeling system, lock system, centering system, etc.) that make up our packaging machines. These sub-assemblies are made according to the production schedule. This team is thus at the base of the creation of all of our machines.





Like CDU, CDA production is divided into several areas:

  • The FILLING division works on the production and adjustments of the filling machines;
  • The Ninette division produces labelling machines from the Ninette range;
  • The VITI cluster manufactures all the crimping and labelling machines for the wine range;
  • The INDUS division produces and regulates labeling machines from the Solo and Ninon range;
  • The MONOBLOCK division for the production of our E Fill range (3-in-1 machine for filling, capping and labelling cylindrical bottles).




  • The ELECTRICITY division manages the wiring of the electrical boxes as well as all the electrical elements necessary for the production of our fillers, cappers, labelers and monoblocs.





The Engineering Office, made up of Project Managers, acts as the link between the sales department and the production workshops. The BE configures and adapts the machines to the customer’s needs, whether in the filling, capping or labeling sectors. Once the machine is validated with the customer, the manufacturing file is sent to CDU. The assembly of the machine is monitored by the Project Manager until shipping and installation/training.





The Research and Development Office is responsible for designing all new products (new and specific needs of a customer or new technology), whether they are parts of machines or complete machines. After a prototyping phase, the novelty is “standardized” so that it can be mass-produced and added to the CDA catalog. R&D has skills in mechanics and automation and produces technical documentation.





This service supports:
• The overhaul of used CDA machines bought back from former customers;
• Installation of CDA machines and training of our customers in their use;
• Overhauls, modifications and repairs to the CDA machine park;
• Telephone troubleshooting and shipping of wearing parts.





Being a manufacturer is the heart of our business, but we do not forget to promote, sell, finance and manage our projects. Here are the different services, which are not linked to production, but which work day after day to the satisfaction of our customers:




Our sales representatives are distributed geographically. Each salesperson is attached to a technician to follow the after-sales service of the customer portfolio in the best possible way.
Our salespeople are true packaging experts and identify the machine and technologies best suited to customer needs.






This service takes care (among other things) of welcoming customers and supports them in their administrative procedures: it centralizes the monitoring of customer projects.
Thus, the administrative department works together with sales and production: it each project smoother.





At CDA, we take care of the modalities related to the transport of our machines. The logistics department therefore manages the packaging and loading of the packaging machines.





The Marketing team manages the promotion of CDA machines as well as all external and internal communication of the CDA group. The website, social networks and the entire digital universe, the press and trade shows are the attributes of this service.”





The HR department manages recruitment, social relations, professional training, etc. The missions are plural while being essential because today, people embody a real stake for the growth of the company.





This service manages the maintenance, renovation and construction of our premises, whether offices or workshops. Improving day after day our workspaces, this pole has become essential in the daily life of CDA.





Always driven by the desire to carry out new projects, we would be delighted to answer all of your questions relating to the packaging of your products! Please do not hesitate to contact our team by sending the contact form!