VINITECH 2024: CDA, Your Packaging Innovation Partner

From the 26th to the 28th of November 2024, the Parc des Expositions (Exhibition Centre) of Bordeaux will host the VINITECH trade show. This show is an unskippable international event : it is the ultimate reference for professionals in the wine, tree, brewing and market gardening sectors.


A Meeting of International Scope

VINITECH is much more than a trade fair; it is a world-renowned platform where major players in the wine, tree, brewing and market gardening industries come together to explore the latest trends, share knowledge and discover innovations that will redefine the future of these sectors.


CDA at VINITECH : Pioneer of Packaging Innovation


CDA, surrounded by a global community of professionals, is positioned as the French leader in wine packaging. Discover how our crimping and labeling machines meet the specific needs of your wine packaging.

CDA Leading Edge Solutions

On our stand, explore our packaging machines :

L’Essentiel : Crimper and labeller for placing 2 adhesive labels on wine bottles. This machine goes to the essentials and represents an excellent quality/price ratio.

The R1000 Mix : A versatile automatic crimping and labeling machine, designed to process different types of bottles with high efficiency. This machine supports bottles of still and sparkling wine, which is its main asset.

La Léa : A linear crimper and labeller, combining speed and precision for a high rate (up to 2000 bottles/hour with 4 adhesive labels).


Meet CDA’s Team at their Booth

Meet CDA’s team at their booth to discover reliable solutions, discuss your packaging projects and see demonstrations !