CDA had a fantastic year in 2023, and we owe it all to you : our clients, partners, collaborators, and employees. We hope that it is the case for you too, and that you are having a very good time during these holidays. 


To celebrate the new year, let’s look back together on the highlights and key figures of 2023 !


A Recap in Numbers


  • 62.426 machined parts
  • 22 trade shows
  • 13 new employees, 2 interns, 32 trainees
  • 3.160 quotations
  • 25.901 emails
  • 2.210 after-sales service calls
  • 52.000 views on YouTube



A Significant Addition to the Filling Machine Family


The C-Pills, recently launched by CDA, is a semi-automatic counter for capsules and coated tablets (intended especially for the pharmaceutical, agri-food, and animal sectors). Produced from materials such as polished mirror stainless steel, glass, and food-grade plastic (POM c), it ensures precise counting with a vibrating hopper, a rotating table, and a counting chute with a laser curtain. With a counting capacity of 1000 capsules/tablets per minute, it offers very high precision of 99.99%!



An Expanded Range of Screwdriving Solutions


CDA’s VST, an all-stainless steel module for the automatic distribution and capping of headed caps (or T-caps), had an impressive performance. With a speed of up to 1800 caps per hour, this machine dispenses caps onto bottles after placing them in bulk in the elevator hopper. Ideal for the food and distillery industries, the VST stands out for its versatility, ease of operation, and adjustment, especially for capping force. It can be integrated with CDA’s linear fillers and automatic adhesive labelers.



An Increasingly Digitized Service !




CDA has recently collaborated with Ubleam to offer innovative solutions to its clients and facilitate the monitoring and maintenance of its fillers, screwdrivers, and labelers

By scanning a “Bleam” (circular QR code) via a mobile application, operators can access numerous pieces of information such as : 


  • intervention history, 
  • list of spare parts and consumables, 
  • and tutorials on machine usage. 


All this information helps improve operational efficiency and machine maintenance.





CDA is a member of UIMM, a federation supporting the metallurgical industry and its related activities. UIMM has launched virtual tours of French factories to promote the industrial sector. CDA has joined the adventure to offer a virtual tour to its partners and clients, promoting the professions in the industrial sector ! 

Discover CDA’s workshops and professions via this link : Zoom Industrie – CDA (



A Nod to Our References !


CDA, a manufacturer of packaging machines combining versatility, precision, and reliability, has gained the trust of diverse clients, from small producers to major groups.

Our expertise in filling, capping, and labeling machines is the result of supporting numerous packaging projects.

We are proud to support many companies in various sectors (agri-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, viticulture, brewery, etc.), as illustrated by our references on our website and interviews on our YouTube channel.



A Presence at Numerous Trade Shows


We had the pleasure of meeting you at several trade shows this year (Vinequip in Mâcon, Djazagro in Algiers, Empack in Malines, and more…). They represent the ideal opportunity for us to discuss your projects and showcase our latest innovations.


We look forward to meeting you in 2024. Here is the list of trade shows where we can connect :


  • SIVAL in Angers, specializing in plant productions (arboriculture, tobacco, medicinal plants, vegetable crops), from January 16 to 18.
  • Agrovina in Matigny, for professionals in oenology, viticulture, and arboriculture, from January 23 to 25.
  • MAGHREB PHARMA in Algiers, a professional exhibition for pharmaceutical technology, from February 5 to 7.
  • Empack in Bilbao, focusing on the Transport, Logistics, and Packaging sector, from February 28 to 29.
  • Sieb in Valladolid in the Iberian Peninsula, for the viticulture sectors, from March 5 to 7.
  • CFIA in Rennes for professionals in the Agri-Food Industry, from March 12 to 14.
  • Vapexpo in Versailles, Paris, an exhibition for electronic cigarettes and vaping, from March 23 to 25.
  • VINEQUIP in Mâcon, an annual meeting for all stakeholders in the viticulture industry, from March 26 to 28.
  • EUROCOAT in Paris, an international B2B meeting for the paint and coating sector, from March 26 to 28.
  • Djazagro in Algiers, a trade show dedicated to agri-food production, from April 22 to 25.
  • Natexpo Lyon, an exhibition of organic and eco-responsible products, from September 23 to 24.
  • CFIA Toulouse, an exhibition for the agri-food industry, from September 24 to 26.
  • ALL4PACK in Paris, a reference in terms of packaging and logistics with a focus on the ecosystem, from November 4 to 7.
  • DIONYSUD in Béziers, a trade show for wine professionals in the Grand Sud de France, from November 5 to 7.
  • VINITECH in Bordeaux, the global trade show for viticulture, arboriculture, and market gardening, from November 26 to 28.


In case of program modifications or event cancellations, all information will be updated on our website.



Showcasing Our Collaborations and Partnerships !


For many years, CDA has relied on partners with various expertise (financing, regulations, sustainable development, export trade).

Here is a list of our partners :


  • EHEDG, a global reference in hygienic design and engineering in food safety.
  • UIMM, representing the interests of metallurgy companies, acting as a spokesperson in negotiations with public authorities.
  • Cosmed, a professional association bringing together cosmetic industry players, fostering relationships, and representing SMEs with French and European authorities.
  • ADEPTA, bringing together 245 companies in agricultural and agro-industrial sectors, playing a crucial role in international development.
  • Bpifrance, offering credit, guarantees, innovation assistance, and investment solutions, supporting companies in their development, ecological transition, digital transformation, innovation, and international expansion.
  • The Coq Vert Community, supporting the environmental transition of companies, born from the collaboration between Bpifrance, ADEME, and the Ministry of Ecological Transition in 2020.
  • GEPPIA, bringing together equipment suppliers in the agri-food industry in France, covering various domains such as Process, Transformation, Packaging, and Conditioning.



With over 10,000 companies accompanied, we excel in the design and manufacturing of packaging machines. Our extensive range of fillers, screwdrivers, and labelers caters to the needs of many companies, whether in large or small-scale productions, in various environments and sectors (such as brewery, viticulture, e-liquid, chemistry, and cosmetics). 

Trusting CDA means acquiring a robust, reliable machine perfectly suited to your needs. Moreover, we offer an excellent quality-to-price ratio and quality after-sales service!

To learn more about our complete range of machines and services, feel free to contact us through our dedicated form. Our team will be delighted to discuss your packaging projects with you.



Once again, we share our best wishes for the new year !