Founded in 1991 in Narbonne in the south of France, CDA designs and manufactures packaging machines for filling, screwing and labeling a multitude of products. With more than 30 years of expertise and 10,000 machines sold worldwide, CDA is constantly developing its models to better meet its customers’ expectations. This is why at CDA, 15% of our teams are made up of engineers and 10% of our turnover is reinvested in innovation.


The CDA network in the world :


Since 2012, CDA has exported to the United States through its subsidiary CDA USA in Richmond, Virginia. In 2017 it was in Germany that CDA opened a second subsidiary to continue to get closer to its German customers.
Thus, CDA sells its machines directly but that’s not all. It also relies on a network of resellers located in France and abroad. Present in more than 120 countries, CDA can rely on 64 distributors spread throughout the world.
These locally based resellers form a distribution base and provide extensive after-sales service for CDA packaging machines such as our fillers, screwers, labelers, monoblocks and complete lines.


The advantages of CDA resellers :


At CDA we appreciate working with a network of resellers built up over the years. They are true partners with whom we have established a long-term relationship of trust.

  • Resellers who are locally based and aware of their customers’ concerns: generally established in a sector for many years, our resellers have a thorough knowledge of the sector and of their customers’ needs. This allows them to establish a relationship of trust while proposing the most appropriate machine for the packaging project in question.


  • Resellers who are experts in their field: CDA also works with resellers who are specialists in a particular field. We work in particular with the company Vinea based in Alsace which knows perfectly the Alsatian wine sector, the formats of bottles used but also the constraints of the sector. In this way, we ensure that a buyer from Alsace leaves with the CDA machine that meets his expectations and constraints.


  • Resellers with a local after-sales service that allows for optimal reactivity. Our machines are designed to last over time and it is essential that our customers have access, 10 years after purchasing a machine, to spare parts or a qualified technician as soon as possible to adjust a filler, a screwer, a labeller, a monobloc or even a complete line.


An increased presence at foreign and international trade shows :


Working with dealers around the world also allows us to be present at foreign and international trade shows that we would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend.
Whether they are in Norway or Japan, these dealers participate in trade shows where we are not present and showcase some of our machines. This way, they can present the machines to customers in their own language and offer an ever more comprehensive local service.


One thing in common : a passion for the profession and the sector


Finally, whether they are in the United Kingdom like UK labelling solutions or in Serbia like ELMED, our resellers are united by their taste and their in-depth knowledge of the business and the sector. They are the passionate people who interact with you and guide you through the process of choosing a packaging equipment for a filling, screwing, labeling or complete line project.

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