For 28 years now, CDA has been designing and manufacturing packaging machines, ranging from semi-automatic labelling machines to complete packaging lines and a complete range of filling and screwing machines. 28 years of passion, innovation and rich collaborations at the service of an ever-increasing number of customers who trust us.

Beyond our machines, which are acclaimed for their quality or versatility, CDA is also a large family at your side at all stages of the life of your machine.

To provide you with maximum satisfaction, we focus on 4 key pillars of our success.

Durability      Durability; 0 programmed obsolescence

Because our primary goal is customer satisfaction and we believe that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer, we design and manufacture each of our machines in a sustainable way. Quality materials, replaceable wear parts, adaptability, our machines are made to last and ensure you many years of loyal service. Many CDA machines have been operating at our customers’ premises for more than a decade!


Installation      Installation; our technicians at your service

CDA is also a team of experienced technicians who cover France and the whole world for the installation of your machine. To ensure the greatest comfort in using your machine, we send one of our experienced technicians to your home to install your equipment and assist you in the initial stages of use of your machine. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best start-up or support service for your CDA equipment.


after sales service      Warranty & After-Sales Service; we are never far away

Our service does not stop with the purchase of your machine! Throughout your use of the equipment, CDA remains at your disposal in case of technical problems. During the defined warranty period, we offer you the maximum reactivity to help you out. After this period, our after-sales service is never far away to find the answers to your questions. The internalization of the manufacture of the parts of our machines in our workshops in Narbonne allows us to offer you spare parts as soon as possible.


CDA commitments to better serve you       Expertise; mastery of packaging adapted to your business

With nearly 30 years of experience and more than 7000 customers in a wide range of sectors (food, chemicals, cosmetics, painting, e-liquid, viticulture, brewing, etc.), CDA has built up a multi-sector expertise. Our strength? Surround ourselves with professionals, sales representatives, expert engineers (beekeeper, winegrower sales representative, beer specialist, e-liquid specialist, filling specialist, etc.) to form a team with skills covering all possible and imaginable sectors of activity. Always close to you and your needs, we understand your problems even better since they are also ours.


Beyond a proven know-how in the design and manufacture of your labelling machine, filling machine or packaging line, CDA is also the assurance of a smooth acquisition in all situations. The relationship between CDA and its customers is at the heart of our concerns, which is why our teams are never far away to support you and witness your success.