Since 1991, we have been designing and manufacturing packaging solutions for companies (from small businesses to large groups) in various sectors of activity.
Based in Narbonne in the South of France, we accompany companies on an international level. Our presence in the United States (2012) and Germany (2017), coupled with our export department, enables us to market our machines in over 100 countries.
CDA is made up of engineers, automation specialists, adjusters, technicians (and so many other professions!) who work every day to design and produce reliable and efficient packaging machines… but do you know all the necessary steps (from the contact form to the installation of the machine in your premises)?
Here is an article that will help you to better understand the organisation and process of CDA from the moment you request a quote.
Because as soon as we receive your form, the whole CDA ant-hill starts working!


Identifying the need


The form completed on our website is directly transferred to the sales representative in charge of your geographical area. He or she will contact you to obtain more information about your project (needs and constraints).
Thanks to all the information gathered (identification of the need), the sales representative establishes with the CDA design office the most suitable packaging solution (customised quote). This phase therefore involves an in-depth analysis of your project, a technical study and a structuring of the proposed offer.
If your project involves any uncertainty, we will ask you to send us samples so that a feasibility study can be carried out in our workshops. The results will be submitted to you for validation.




Once the project has been defined and the offer structured, our administrative team takes over: a customer file is sent in order to settle the final details (layout, transport, payment terms, etc.).


Customised engineering


The first step in the manufacture of your machine is carried out by our Design Department. The engineers in this department are responsible for creating the drawings of the filling, screwing and/or labelling machine. A project manager is automatically assigned to each machine put into production.
Depending on the filling, screwing and/or labelling system, certain elements of the machine must be modified. Also, other constraints (such as those related to your workshop) are taken into account in order to produce the most suitable solution for your company (in accordance with the signed quotation).
Once the plans for the machine have been drawn up, the project manager launches the machine into production.




After receiving the drawings of the machine ordered, CDA’s buyers place orders : internally (CDU) for the vast majority of parts (between 80 and 90% of total parts) externally for components that we cannot manufacture ourselves (airframe, engine, touch screen, etc.).
CDU is our machining subsidiary and is located close to CDA. Composed of many machinists, welders, milling turners, operators, etc. CDU is responsible for the production of the majority of the parts that make up our filling, screwing and labelling machines. Supported by numerous machine tools and robots, CDU guarantees responsiveness, competitiveness and quality. All the parts produced by CDU are then pre-assembled and assembled in the CDA workshop (by the pre-assembly team). The sub-assemblies thus formed are then assembled (by the assembly team).
The last phase consists of the various adjustments of the machine with the samples sent by you (example: the correct positioning of the label on the product).


Quality control


At CDA, we place great importance on quality. We want to ensure that our machines are reliable and robust, and will last for many years as your business grows. We are against programmed obsolescence and are proud to have our first machines still in operation!
In order to achieve this ambition, we have set up a quality control (on each machine leaving our workshop). Our quality manager carries out various checks to ensure that the machine has been manufactured correctly.
Following this check, a certificate of approval for commissioning is issued and signed. This certificate is delivered together with the machine.




After agreeing the desired delivery date with you, we contact and plan the transport. CDA uses private service providers (transport companies) to deliver your machine. We do our best to select quality service providers that will meet your expectations.


Technical support


Following the delivery of the packaging machine, an installation is carried out by one of our travelling technicians. His role is to start up your machine and to carry out several tests and adjustments (directly on your premises).
Training is also offered so that operators can perfectly master the filling, screwing and/or labelling machine. Indeed, a good grasp of the machine allows to optimize the time of adjustment, cleaning, etc.
Also, for our French customers, we offer (thanks to our Qualiopi certification), training courses that can be paid for by the OPCO.

After the installation, we remain at your disposal to assist you or repair your machine (either remotely or on site with our technicians). If necessary, we can also ship the consumables and spare parts you need.

Our teams are available to guide you in your packaging projects and answer all your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain all the necessary information and a free quote!