Industrial packaging is evolving rapidly to meet the changing needs of consumers, businesses and legislation, while incorporating environmental concerns. In this article, we explore the latest trends in industrial packaging in France, highlighting how innovation, sustainability and efficiency are at the heart of CDA’s DNA, expert in fillers, screwers and labellers.


  1. Sustainability and eco-responsibility


One of the most striking trends in industrial packaging is the increased focus on sustainability and eco-responsibility. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, leading companies to seek ways of reducing their carbon footprint. Recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging materials (container, cap and label) are becoming increasingly popular. 


Within this major evolution towards greater environmental awareness in industrial packaging, CDA is positioning itself as a resolutely committed manufacturer of packaging machinery (filling, screwing and labelling). We are responding to the new demands of our customers by adapting our equipment to support the trend towards sustainability and eco-responsibility.


Our labellers are designed to fit self-adhesive labels made from recyclable paper, as well as other innovative materials such as wood (poplar). Preliminary tests are systematically carried out to ensure optimum compatibility.


We have also identified a challenge in our production processes. All of our labelling machines are set up before shipment, requiring the use of labels and containers supplied by our customers. These settings result in a significant amount of wrapping/glass paper without labels. Faced with this situation, we took the initiative of recycling this waste. CDA decided to recycle its glassines with SOPREMA.


Similarly, our filling and screwing machines are optimised to handle containers and closures made from recycled and biodegradable plastics. By anticipating this major shift towards environmentally friendly packaging, CDA is demonstrating its commitment to supporting companies in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, while offering high-performance packaging solutions.


  1. Smart and Connected Packaging


Advanced technologies are increasingly being integrated into industrial packaging. QR codes, NFC chips and RFID tags enable companies to track and manage their products more efficiently, while offering consumers relevant information on products (their origin, traceability and lifespan, etc.).


To achieve this, CDA has turned to Ubleam. The solutions proposed should open up exciting new prospects for our customers. Ubleam is a company that offers product identification and a tracking technology based on circular labels called Bleams (QR Code). This technology allows users of our machines to :

  • Scan Bleams using a mobile app to access information (consumables, dematerialised instructions, etc.) on our fillers, screwers, labellers or monoblocks,
  • Access an history of the information consulted as well as any work carried out on the machine,
  • Manage and configure all parameters via a web platform called FUSION.


The collaboration between Ubleam and CDA will improve the operational efficiency and maintenance of our filling, screwing and labelling machines.


  1. Personalisation and Customer Experience


Packaging has become an essential means of reinforcing brand identity and offering customers a unique experience. Advanced printing techniques enable customised designs and unique packaging for every product. 


At CDA, we understand that each industry has its own unique needs and requirements. That’s why we offer customised solutions to our customers in a variety of sectors. Whether you’re in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or other industries, we can adapt our equipment to your production process and guarantee optimum performance. Thanks to our customised approach, your products will be packaged efficiently and effectively, in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards.


  1. Product Protection and Security


Industrial packaging plays an important role in protecting products against damage, theft, customs compliance and counterfeiting in international shipments. 


For example, when exporting alcoholic beverages, tax management can be simplified by using a Marianne applied directly to the capsules. Our machines, such as the Stick, are designed to apply these Marianne precisely, whether it is on waxed bottles or on caps that have already been crimped.


At CDA, we understand the importance of not only guaranteeing the quality of our machines, but also of facilitating customs processes for our customers. Our equipment is designed to meet the highest standards of secure packaging, helping to preserve the integrity of products as they travel from warehouses to their final destination.


  1. Logistics and Automation


The integration of automation into packaging processes, including the use of fillers, screwers and labellers, offers a significant improvement in efficiency throughout the supply chain. Companies are increasingly investing in automated handling systems to speed up the packaging process, reduce human error, and increase productivity.


CDA has recently developed the VS2000 screw-capper, an innovation that enables caps to be applied automatically. This development is a part of our global vision to further automate the various stages of the packaging process. Our primary objective is to enable our customers to save time and optimise their processes.


Our commitment to the automation of packaging processes is reflected in the availability of both semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. This diversity of solutions meets a variety of needs, offering our customers the possibility of adopting automated approaches tailored to their specific context.