EUROCOAT 2024: CDA, Key Player in the Coating Sector


From the 26th to the 28th of March 2024, EUROCOAT will be the centre of the coating industry in France. This trade fair is dedicated to the production and formulation of paints, varnishes, printing inks, glues and adhesives. Bringing together 200 suppliers, producers and distributors of coatings, raw materials, equipment and services, EUROCOAT offers a unique platform for meetings between coating manufacturers and applicators.


Innovation for a Dynamic Sector


Every two years, EUROCOAT makes it possible to develop the innovation of the sector by presenting in preview the novelties of the companies of the sector. This showcase of innovation is a great opportunity to share ideas and explore the latest technological advances. The event attracts nearly 5,000 visitors from the paint, ink, glue, varnish and adhesive industries, creating an environment conducive to business and customer support.


International Major Coating Event in France


EUROCOAT is the major international event for coating in France, attracting 40% of international visitors. This diversity creates an ideal platform for development towards Southern Europe and the Maghreb. The event offers a strategic opportunity to strengthen ties with existing partners and explore new opportunities for international collaboration.


CDA to EUROCOAT: Innovative Packaging Solutions


CDA, as a key player in packaging, will participate in EUROCOAT to present its innovative solutions. Our filling, screwing, labeling and packaging machines are designed to meet the specific needs of the coatings sector.

  • The Ninette 1, a semi-automatic labeller designed to apply adhesive labels to cylindrical jars. It has an adhesive labelling speed of up to 10 products/minute or 600 bottles/hour.
  • The Solo , an automatic labeller capable of applying a single label to all types of cylindrical products.


Meet our Team at our Booth


CDA’s team will be present at EUROCOAT, ready to discuss your specific packaging needs. Visit our booth E01 to explore our bespoke solutions and discuss how CDA can be your trusted partner for coating packaging.