Maghreb Pharma 2024 : CDA at the Heart of Pharmaceutical Innovation


This year, from the 5th to the 7th of February 2024, SAFEX in Algeria will be hosting the Maghreb Pharma 2024 exhibition. This major event is a key showcase for North Africa’s fast-growing pharmaceutical industry, which is looking for innovative technological solutions to boost production volumes. Maghreb Pharma Expo, the largest pharmaceutical technology exhibition in Africa, will bring together nearly 2,700 visitors, 215 exhibitors and more than 35 speakers, providing a dynamic platform for exchanging knowledge and discovering the latest trends in the sector.


CDA: More than 30 Years of Expertise in Pharmaceutical Packaging


As a manufacturer of fillers, screwers, labellers and complete packaging lines, CDA is a key player in the pharmaceutical sector. From the 5th to the 7th of February 2024, CDA will be exhibiting its innovative solutions at the Maghreb Pharma Expo. With more than 30 years of experience, our team will be ready to present our packaging machines specifically designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical sector.


CDA Packaging Machines


The Ninette 1 : The Versatile Semi-Automatic Labeller Among the machines on display, the Ninette 1 stands out as a versatile semi-automatic labeller. Suitable for a wide range of cylindrical products (such as bottles, vials, etc.), it offers exceptional versatility. With a labelling capacity of up to 600 products per hour, the Ninette 1 is an efficient solution for labelling needs in the pharmaceutical sector.

The Ninette Auto : Semi-automatic adhesive labeller Also on show, the Ninette Auto is a semi-automatic adhesive labeller designed to fit all cylindrical products. It can label up to 900 products per hour, with the option of applying two labels per product. The Ninette Auto combines flexibility and performance to meet the demands of pharmaceutical packaging.

The E-Fill : All-in-One Packaging Monobloc Another innovation to be discovered at our stand is the E-Fill, a packaging monobloc that handles all stages of the packaging process on a single machine: filling, screwing and labelling. This versatile machine can package cylindrical products from 10ml to 1L, and is ideal for packaging reagents, balms, lotions and other serums.


Meet CDA’s team at its stand


CDA’s team will welcome you at their stand at Maghreb Pharma 2024. Take this opportunity to discuss your pharmaceutical packaging project with our experts. Whether you are interested in labelling, filling, screwing or the entire packaging process, we are here to advise you on the solutions best suited to your specific needs.


CDA : Your Trusted Partner in Pharmaceutical Packaging


At CDA, our commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction is at the heart of our approach. We understand the unique challenges of the pharmaceutical sector and are ready to work with you to find tailor-made solutions. Join us at our stand at Maghreb Pharma 2024 for a rewarding discussion about the possibilities offered by our expertise in pharmaceutical packaging.