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Labelers and crimpers ideal for wines & beverages!

The labeling and crimping machines of the Wine & beverage range have won over many wineries. Indeed, CDA has more than 4,000 customers in the wine world thanks to perfectly adapted machines.
Whatever the bottle shape (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Côte du Rhône, Clavelin, Champagne) and the size (357mL, 750mL, Magnum, etc.), our machines will enhance your wine.


The advantages of CDA “Wine & beverage” machines?

CDA machines are excellent value for money while allowing precise and professional labelling and crimping. They handle labels, back labels, medals and collars that can be dispensed on wine bottles using the 3-point technique. Our machines are also equipped with crimpers which take care of the capsules (polylam, tin or PVC), and the foils (sparkling wine). Made of aluminum and stainless steel, our machines are produced to last, without losing speed or precision.
In addition, our labelling machines quickly adapt to different bottle sizes (from 375mL to Magnum), without additional tools. Also, the locking, centering, labelling and crimping systems are adjustable by touch screen or by crank.
In order to best adapt to your needs, we can, thanks to our team of engineers, design a machine to be integrated into an existing line, or a completely independent machine. We can also equip your machine with additional solutions, such as feeding / accumulation tables (up to 60 bottles), marking systems, etc. Discover all our semi-automatic and automatic labellers on our Youtube channel.



The machines that make up the “Wine & beverage” range are:


  • The Stick
    The CDA Stick is a stand-alone system for applying pressure sensitive labels to all media (cardboard boxes, boxes, cans, rectangular bottles, buckets, BIB, etc.).


  • The Essentiel
    The Essentiel is an automatic crimper and labeller. This machine can dispense up to two labels (front and back label) on wine bottles. Easy to use, the Essential quickly adapts to different bottle sizes thanks to crank adjustments. This machine can label and crimp up to 800 bottles / hour.


  • The R1000 / R1500
    The R1000 / R1500 from CDA are automatic linear labelling machines specially designed for the wine industry. They can place up to four labels (front, back label, medal, collar) and allow the crimping of metal or PVC capsules. These labelling machines have a production rate of up to 1,500 bottles / hour. In addition, the height adjustment of the labels is simplified thanks to an electric column (controllable via the touch screen of the machine).


  • The R 1000 Foils
    The R 1000 Foils is a labelling machine specially designed for bottles of Champagne and sparkling wines. This pressure sensitive labelling machine can apply up to four labels while crimping the foils (production rate up to 800 bottles / hour).


  • The R1000 / R1500 Mix
    CDA’s R1000 / R1500 Mix allow the labelling of still and sparkling wine bottles (up to 1,000 bottles / hour) on the same machine. This labeller applies up to 4 labels (front, back label, medal, collar) while crimping the capsules and foils.


  • The Regionale
    The Régionale is an automatic linear labelling machine designed specifically for the wine & beverage industry.The Régionale applies up to four labels on wine bottles at a production rate of up to 1,500 bottles / hour. It also allows the crimping of polylam/tin and / or PVC caps. The various settings (labelling height, crimping, timing) are made via the touch screen.


  • The Lea
    The Léa labelling machine applies up to four labels (label, back label, collar and medal) on wine bottles while crimping the polylam/tin and / or PVC caps. It impresses with its ease of use and its quick adaptation (without additional tooling with adjustments via the touch screen) to the different sizes of wine bottles. Its production rate reaches 2,000 bottles / hour.


  • The Lystop S
    The Lystop S is an automatic labelling machine specially designed for the wine and beverage industry. This machine applies up to four labels on wine bottles and allows the crimping of the caps. The various settings are made via the touch screen and allow precise labelling of up to 2,500 bottles / hour.


  • The Cap System
    The Cap System is a capsules / foils dispenser and crimper monobloc. Our automatic crimper can reach up to 2,500 bottles / hour. Equipped with a conveyor belt, with a capsules dispenser, with a single or or two crimpers and with an intuitive touchscreen system, the Cap System is ideal for the wine bottles crimping.
Industrial sectors concerned
Wine - Spirits

Wine - Spirits

Filling, sealing and labelling machines : learn more about the complete packaging lines.

Whatever your sector of activity or your product, CDA puts the experience of its design office at your disposal to develop and design your complete customised line. CDA offers the packaging line perfectly adapted to your needs by adjusting technologies, dimensions, conveyors, etc.

Feed systems (rotary tables, modular conveyor belts, etc.), Conveyor systems, Dosing / filling systems, Capping systems, Labelling systems, End-of-line systems (accumulation, case packing, film-wrapping and palletizing), Marking systems.



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