Since 2016, the manufacture of parts for our machines has been carried out by our machining company CDU. Located a few steps from CDA, CDU takes care of all necessary operations for the manufacture of our stainless steel parts, namely cutting, deburring, bending, sawing, welding and machining….




Producing our parts in-house offers us many advantages: we control the quality of each of the parts that make up our machines. We thus guarantee you reliable and robust filling, capping and labelling machines, without any scheduled obsolescence, but also a very responsive after-sales service.

Thanks to CDU and the technologies that make up this subsidiary of CDA, innovation is much more accessible. Our engineers can now create machine prototypes more easily and quickly, in order to meet all of our customers’ demands.



CDA & the 4.0 Industry




The 4.0 Industry is a new generation of connected, robotic and intelligent factories. Thanks to the digital revolution, a merger between the physical and digital world has occurred, which has given rise to an interconnected 4.0 factory in which employees, machines and products interact to optimize the production process.


The recent acquisition of robots has allowed us to further control the quality of our machines, optimizing their maintenance, and reducing the wear of our tools and the scrap rate. In addition, the extensive machining data allows us to better control the final quality of the parts.


The goal of the 4.0 industry is to create an “intelligent machining” and harness production, data, know-how, and artificial intelligence.


Although the concept appeared only a few years ago, CDA did not wait long to follow this logic of the factory of the future.
On a daily basis, CDU offers us maximum flexibility in the production of our packaging solutions. The strength of CDA to best satisfy all of our customers also comes from CDU!


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