Social and environmental responsibility : A new commitment for CDA


For some years, as a French manufacturer of packaging machines, CDA has been committed to more virtuous practices (in its purchases, waste management, selection of its partners, and so on). We are aware that we are only at the beginning, but a first step seems to have been taken with the CSR Charter of the Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie (UIMM).


CDA’s packaging machines : quality and durability


The core business of CDA is the manufacture of filling, screwdriving and labelling machines. Thanks to innovative technologies and a commitment to excellence, CDA’s machines guarantee quality and efficiency while respecting a logic of sustainability and respect for the environment (in particular thanks to eco-design). 


UIMM : An important player in the Industry and Metallurgy


The Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie (UIMM) is a French professional organisation that represents companies in the industrial and metallurgical sector. Founded on principles of solidarity, innovation and social responsibility, the UIMM is committed to promoting the economic and social development of its members while contributing to the sustainable growth of the industry.


The UIMM CSR Charter : A commitment to sustainable development


The CSR Charter issued by the UIMM is a recognition of the commitment to sustainable development for industrial companies. 

This charter was issued according to the results of an evaluation and is valid for two years. 

By adhering to this charter, companies commit to respecting a set of principles and values related to CSR. These principles cover a wide range of areas, such as : 

  • environmental protection, 
  • occupational health and safety, 
  • human rights, 
  • business ethics, 
  • diversity. 


CDA and the UIMM : Collaboration for a more responsible future


By working with the UIMM, CDA has formalised its commitment to integrate the principles of sustainable development into its daily life. Since 2016, CDA has implemented several measures to reduce its environmental impact and promote the progress of sustainability. 

First, through its in-house machining company (CDU) and R&D department, CDA minimises the consumption of raw materials by optimising the amount of metal used for each part and producing lighter and more energy-efficient machines. 

In addition, the company promotes responsible purchasing by favouring local suppliers committed to a CSR approach. 

CDA also attaches great importance to recycling, by recycling 100% of the metal scrap related to the manufacture of its machines and by implementing various initiatives for recycling waste (cigarette butts, office waste, and more.). 

In conclusion, obtaining the UIMM CSR Charter represents a step in our commitment to social and environmental responsibility (CSR). Many actions are still to be taken but this approach reflects CDA’s desire to limit its impact and contribute as positively as possible to society.