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Ninon Side - Delta Product | Automatic linear labeller for square, flat and oval shapes

Delta Product is a company that specializes in sanitary and housecare products. Their formula is to produce your own specific products. From top to bottom you get to ellaborate the product you need, how many bottles, what type of packaging and labelling you would prefer.

Their services are really focused on custom-made services and solutions, for their customers and personalisation. Based in Belgium, they have a customers’ baseline that remains confidential, on top of the fact that they are versatile and fast.

Focus produit(s)

Delta Product is quite strict on the quality checks and are quite versatile as well in terms of production needs (speed, amount, and specifity), ranging from small productions to bigger ones. Whether you want to create plant protection products (pesticides), agricultural products or detergents, and lubricants, they are ready to accommodate you.

The importance of the whole packaging process, makes the Ninon Side a perfect tool for the company, especially for the types of products needing side labelling on both sides of the containers (square, flat or oval).

Ninon Side – Delta Product

Ninon Side

Automatic linear labelling machine for the adhesive labelling of square, flat and oval products

  • Up to 60 products/minute
  • Up to 2 labels
  • Stores 50 product labelling positions
  • user-friendly touchscreen


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