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Ninette 1 - Wayfarer Wines LLP | Labelling machine for adhesive labels

Wayfarer Wines is about the Ashford family, who focuses its time fully on making quality still wines on english grounds (in Woodchurch).
Their purpose is to increase the number of english still wines in the British market.

The passion showned in the final products, is all about patience and bringing out the best possible flavours of the grapes found and cherished on their grounds.
They do special events and also have a loyalty club, in which you can be offered gift vouchers.

Focus produit(s)

They are specializing in Pinot and Chardonnay, which very often use a specific type of bottle shape. Whether it is about white or rosé wines, each wine has its very specific balance of flavours, usually blending in fruitiness, freshness, acidity and light bodiedness.

Of course the packaging process is one they care about as well, thus our partnership. We come in in terms of labelling here, with a Ninette 1, which is a very suitable labeller for a simple use of manually depositing the product and letting it do the work for you.

Ninette 1 – Wayfarer Wines LLP

Ninette 1

Labelling machine for applying 1 adhesive label to cylindrical containers

  • Up to 8 products per minute / 500 bottles per hour
  • user-friendly touchscreen
  • Suitable for all cylindrical products


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