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Ninon 1500 - La Moutardente | Automatic labelling machine for cylindrical products

La Moutardente is a project that started 20 years ago when they realized most mustard seeds weren’t grown locally. Inspired by Liège’s mustard-making history, they created Moutardente, focusing on local organic ingredients and traditional techniques for eco-friendly mustards.

The ones participating in this project (Group) have an important role in each part of the making process : Graines de Curieux sorts organic seeds from Lantin’s tree farm, processing them with support from Moutarderie Belge, Les Frangines, and Brasserie coopérative Liégeoise.

Focus produit(s)

The group prioritize locally sourced and organic ingredients (such as organic vinegars, spices, honey, or certain herbs), seeking eco-friendly artisans for unavailable items. Currently focusing on mild yellow seed mustard, they plan to expand the range and introduce spicier varieties through brown seed cultivation. Future plans include establishing an artisanal mustard mill in central Liège.

The machine they bought from CDA for their packaging process, is the Ninon 1500, which is an automatic labelling machine for cylindrical products. Its quality and ease of use make it a machine for all types of products. As it was designed for medium and large productions, it is perfect for the food processing sector.

Ninon 1500 – La Moutardente

Ninon 1500/2500

Automatic labelling machine for the adhesive labelling of cylindrical products

  • Broad range of labelling applications and various sizes of cylindrical containers
  • Upgradable machine
  • Accurate and efficient labelling (3-point technique)
  • Up to 50 products/minute and up to 4 labels


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