With a know-how of manufacture of a product which has never stopped to develop, it is above all the research of the diversification which animate each brewer.


Being different, it’s also diversifying by the dressing of your products, becoming over time, more and more originals and complex. Because in addition to being functional and practical, the packaging is also a decisive element to convey the quality and brand image of your brewery and your products.


The production increase and the adaptation of work tools are also determinant for all the brewers. In that respect, being accompanied by a partner proposing solutions adapted to your needs allow you to be focus on your core business: the composition of the beer. In this logic of differentiation, CDA support more than 100 brewers throughout France. With a know-how acquired through 26 years of experience and a team of technicians, CDA delivers simple, efficient and sustainable solutions.


We propose semi-automatic and automatic adhesive labelling machines which are perfectly appropriated to the needs of microbrewers and brewers.


The adhesive labelling has a lot of advantages: reduction of waste, reduction of clean-up time, possible extension of dressing, better label resistance… Finally, our labelling technic (3 points technic) allows a precise, constant and professional dressing of your bottles.


Within our wide range of automatic and semi-automatic labelling machines designed to a lot of activity sectors and containing formats, two of our machines are perfectly adapted to the automatic and semi-automatic labelling of your bottles: the Ninette 1 and the B1500.


Ninette 1:semi-automatic labelling machines adapted to cylindrical products. With a high precision, the Ninette 1 can be adapted to various beer bottle formats: 25cL, 50cL, 75cL, 1L…She can also be adapted to containing as can of beer.

Its main strong points are: an adaptation to cylindrical products, a great ease of use, an excellent value. With a cadence of 15 products/minute, the Ninette 1 suits to microbreweries or craft breweries which want to package smaller productions. For more information about the Ninette 1, click here.

The B1500:automatic labelling machine with a cadence of 1500 bottles/hour, the B1500 has been especially designed for the beer bottles labelling. With a high precision, the B1500 can label up to 4 labels. Its great versatility allows an adaptation to various beer bottles formats: 25cL,50cL,75cL, 1L…She can also be adapted to cans. Moreover, the B1500 can be perfectly integrated to a bottling line. The B1500 is a “MUST HAVE” for the craft breweries and microbreweries with a production whose cadence can no longer be insured by a simple semi-automatic machine. For more information about the B1500, click here.

One of our machines is adapted to your need? You have some questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to support enthusiasts in their project