A machine reinveted for and with the brewers

Thanks to the close collaboration between CDA engineers, technicians and our beer producing partners, we have launched the new B-Hop, a beer’s complete packaging line. This ultra-compact machine allows the labelling, filling and capping of beer bottles of all sizes (25cl, 33cl, 75cl, 1.5L…) and shapes (Stubby, Steinie, Long Neck…).


The design of our monobloc dedicated to beer bottles packaging was launched following a simple observation: brewers need packaging equipment capable to label, fill and cap their bottles, all in a minimum space requirement. As microbreweries and artisanal breweries’ permises are often cramped and already have to accommodate voluminous brewing equipments, the challenge for CDA was to offer an ultra-compact machine that performs all the packaging operations for beer bottles: filling, labelling and capping.


Our B-Hop packaging line, developed and tested in collaboration with artisanal brewers, allows the flat filling of white beer, red beer, dark beer, lager beer and any other beer with a second fermentation (in the bottle).


Labelling, filling and capping in a complete line


Thanks to the labelling station at the machine inlet, beer bottles benefit from the precision of 3-point labelling.

Completely reinvented to suit brewers’ constraints, the filling technology used on the new version of the B-Hop includes two pumps and two nozzles specially designed to prevent the beer from foaming. The new B-Hop nozzles cap the bottle for a foam-limiting filling.

For the capping, the CDA monobloc works with 26mm and 29mm caps without changing tools. Cap sealing force adjustment and cap presence detection technologies guarantee the reliability of bottle capping.


Reliable, compact, and easy to use


Designed to facilitate brewers’ packaging operations, the B-Hop is compact, reliable and convenient. Operated by an intuitive touch screen, it also benefits from simplified and programmable cleaning and sanitation.


The new generation of B-Hop in a few points:

  • Ultra-compact machine
  • Labelling, filling, capping
  • 2 nozzles; filling on the edges (prevents beer from foaming)
  • Capsuling of several capsule sizes with presence detector, pressure adjustment
  • 2 integrated pumps
  • Easy and fast cleaning in a closed circuit
  • Anti-jam cell
  • Up to 1000 bottles/hour


You are a brewer and you would like to know more about our B-Hop and our other beer labelling, filling and capping machines? Contact our team at +33 (0) or at: contact@cdafrance.com!


The partner in brewery packaging but not only…


While B-Hop has been developed in partnership with brewers to satisfy specific requirements, it is also suitable for other products in glass bottles: fruit juices, vegetable juices, kombucha… You produce food liquids packaged in glass bottles? Ask our team for advice!