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Ninon Mix - Gimber | Linear labeller for all product formats

Gimber is a group that aspires to be very respectful of their environment, and choose carefully the ingredients while inspecting the way they were made. They also try to help Peruvian families through the work put into obtaining the highest quality on their soils.

The story of the group actually started with Dimitri (an animation producer), who did not like how stories (in real life) could evolve with alcohol (usually poorly), and decided that creating a drink that would be strong, but alcohol-free would have a much better ending.

Focus produit(s)

Gimber, is as says the name a biological drink made of ginger, lemon, herbs and spices, making it a very unique and strong alcohol-free drink. You can use it as it is, or blend it in mocktails or cocktails, as well as in the kitchen with different sauces. If you like drinks that are rich to the palate and quite strong too, with a hint or more of spiciness in it, this product is for you.

From Paris to Seoul, or Ibiza to London, and from Berlin to Milan, you will find a very simple yet striking label and packaging for this product. In order to be efficient in the labelling process of the different sizes of their bottles, they have been using our Ninon Mix, which is a very versatile machine in terms of labelling and sectors.

Ninon Mix – Gimber

Ninon Mix

Versatile labelling machine suitable for square, cylindrical, oval, conical products

  • Up to 60 products/minute
  • Up to 5 labelling stations on a single machine
  • Stores 50 product labelling positions
  • Labelling of square, cylindrical, oval and tapered products on the same machine (quick change)


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