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Labelling machines and packaging solutions for distilleries and spirits

Distillers and alcohol producers have a common need: packaging their alcohol and spirits bottles with a perfect design, reflecting their brand image. Whatever the form or format, CDA offers to distilleries a labelling machine or a packaging solution adapted.

Our packaging solutions for distilleries; alcohol and spirits

Since 1991, CDA has been designing and producing the labelling machine or the complete packing line adapted to each distiller specific need. Whether it is Cognac, Armagnac, Brandy, Absinthe, Chartreuse, or Pastis bottle, CDA offers a machine made to pack distilleries production. Thanks to our wide range of automatic and semi-automatic machines, for square, rectangular, cylindrical or conical format, our team is capable of responding to different packaging needs, for every format bottle: miniature, Balthazar, Magnum, Quart, Demie …

Semi-automatic labelling machines for alcohol and spirits bottles

Small productions of Cointreau, Gin, Calvados, Tequila, liqueur bottles, will turn towards a semi-automatic labeller purchase for a speed optimization. Every format (20cL, 70cL, 75cL, 1.5L, miniature, Jéroboam, Magnum, Methuselah, flasks, …) and every shape (square, ovale, rectangular, conical bottles) will find their labelling partner.

Automatic labelling machines for alcohol and spirits bottles

When the production is getting more important and the needed speed is high, an automatic labeller is required. Within the CDA automatic labelling machines range, the decision is taken depending on the bottles form (conical, square, oval …). In our range, you will find automatic labelling machines adapted to every form and format.

CDA's response to the sector's challenges

The range of distilleries products is large: bottles of different formats (miniature, flask, demie, Magnum, Jéroboam, Methuselah, Balthazar, …), of different shapes (square, oval, rectangular, conical, cylindrical, …) for different alcohols and spirits (rum, whisky, bourbon, armagnac, cognac, brandy, vodka, absinthe, chartreuse, cointreau, calvados, gin, tequila, liqueurs, …).

As the alcohols and spirits offer is growing, the labelling becomes a major challenge of differentiation for distillers. Special labels in tin, transparents, mirror-printed … Given the legal mentions, the special techniques, more and more original labels, and the need of perfection, the labelling of spirits bottles is crucial to stand out of the crowd in full alcoholic drinks departments. In order to meet that need of originality and especially of precision, CDA provides the spirits bottles producers with a large range of labelling machines, combining versatility and precision. Application of one or more labels, machines adapted to various formats and shapes … the CDA automatic or semi-automatic labelling machine that you will chose is the best partner for the packaging of your spirits bottles. Find the machine made for your alcohols and spirits thanks to our experts.


The micro-distilleries producing small volumes of spirits will look for a compact labelling machine, in order to minimise the congestion, often a problem in small spaces. But it will also generate an optimisation of the labelling speed. A CDA semi-automatic labeller will be the solution.

Craft distilleries

With production volumes more important to be packaged, a craft distillery will be looking for an automatic labelling machine that guarantees high speed and less human intervention. Our range of automatic labellers will allow an accurate and fast labelling of medium and large productions.

Industrial distilleries

Distilleries more industrialized often have existing lines to which it is possible to integrate CDA packaging solutions. Our evolving machines are easily adaptable to existing lines. A CDA automatic labelling machine can be added to a complete line or can be used as a backup machine.

Custom-made filling, labelling and packing line?

Whatever your business sector or product, CDA provides the experience of its engineering design office to conceive and design your customized machine to match your requirements and constraints, regardless of whether you require a filling, labelling or integral solution

Feed systems (rotary tables, modular conveyor belts, etc.), Conveyor systems, Dosing / filling systems, Capping systems, Labelling systems, End-of-line systems (accumulation, case packing, film-wrapping and palletizing), Marking systems.



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