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Ninette 1 - Wayfarer Wines LLP | Automatic linear machine for dispensing and crimping caps

Domaine des Hêtres is not only a vineyard but also an orchard. The story of this family-run business began in 1960, producing wines and fruit juices. Their vines are sustained through strict regulations, minimizing the use of pesticides, inputs, and sprayings. This approach allows them to reduce their environmental impact and prioritize the health of their customers and staff. Naturally, it also influences their production, which they closely monitor. To contribute to biodiversity preservation, they have installed beehives and insect shelters at the estate. That represents how dedicated they are to their work on top of the rest.

Focus produit(s)

In terms of production, Domaine des Hêtres offers a range of wines including reds, whites, and crémants. Their selection encompasses vintages from 2020 to 2022, featuring Chardonnay, four types of Pinots, and Muscat varietals. Additionally, they operate an orchard where they produce fruit juices, including apple, pear, cherry, hazelnut, and plum varieties.
The estate spans over 7 hectares of vineyards planted on highly fertile clay-loam soils, fostering the growth of diverse grape varieties.

To streamline their operations, Domaine des Hêtres has embraced modern technology, opting for CDA’s R1000, which is a dispensing cap-crimping machine. This innovative equipment not only seals bottles efficiently but also applies up to four labels. Thus, enhancing the bottling and packaging process for optimal productivity.

R1000 – Domaine des Hêtres


Machine for dispensing and crimping caps, applying up to 4 labels on wine bottles

  • Crimping of metal or PVC capsules (8-roller crimping head or thermal head)
  • Accurate and efficient labelling (3-point technique)
  • Intuitive operation and easy to adjust
  • Up to 1500 bottles/hour and up to 4 labels


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