Solutions for hand sanitizer & antibacterial solutions

Hand sanitizer solutions manufacturers and all kinds of antibacterial solutions are faced with the need to package their productions in many formats and often with special caps. CDA machines have been created to offer maximum versatility of use, whether it will be a labeling machine, a filling machine or a complete line.

Solutions for hand sanitizer & antibacterial solutions

Our packaging solutions for hand sanitizer and antibacterial solutions

Since already 30 years, CDA has been designing and manufacturing labelers, fillers and complete lines dedicated to the packaging of various sanitizing solutions; hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap and disinfectants of all kinds. Our labelers have the versatility sought by producers of antibacterial solutions.

They are used to label all formats of cylindrical, tapered, rectangular containers, whether they are bottles (10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 100ml …) or cans (1L, 2L, 5L, 10L … ). The CDA fillers can fill very liquid solutions as well as viscous or frothy. To do this, we equip our various machines with the pump most suited to the range of products from each laboratory or producer.

CDA labelling and filling machines can be placed on the packaging line, also including an automatic capping machine to tighten bottles with conventional caps, pump caps or gun caps. We also offer monoblocs integrating the filling, capping and labelling operations in a single machine and compatible with the packaging of hand sanitizers.

Semi-automatic filling machines for hand sanitizer solutions

The smallest volumes of hand sanitizer can be packaged with our semi-automatic fillers. Depending on the viscosity of your liquid, we will offer a pump for filling thin liquid, viscous or even foamy products.

Our automatic filling machines for hand sanitizer solutions

Larger productions of antibacterial solutions will need an automatic filling machine to ensure better filling rates. Here too, your filling pump will be determined by the viscosity of your liquid.

Capping and screwing machines for hydroalcoholic and antibacterial solutions

Discover our range of semi-automatic and automatic screwing machines that can be adapted to the shape of your products.

Semi-automatic labellers for hand sanitizers

Our range of semi-automatic labelling machines allows the labelling of your different formats and shapes of hand sanitizer or antibacterial solution. Our machines combine efficiency, robustness and precision for optimal labelling of each bottle or container.

Automatic labelling machines for hand sanitizers

Any kind labelling is possible with our labelling machines; cylindrical, tapered, rectangular, ovalized products … A CDA labelling machine can place one or more labels on the top, bottom or sides of your bottles or cans of antibacterial solutions.

Our monoblocs for hand sanitizer solutions

CDA also offers complete packaging lines for filling, capping and labelling your bottles or Gallons with the same machine.

Complementary solutions for hand sanitizer solutions

In addition to our fillers, labellers and monoblocs, we offer a wide range of complementary solutions for your packaging lines; capper for normal or special caps (pump, gun …), ink jets / thermal transfers for batch number / epiration date, rotating feeding & accumulation tables for your products …

CDA's response to the sector's challenges

Q&A on CDA France’s Packaging Solutions for Hydroalcoholic, Bactericidal and Virucidal Products


1. Why would I choose CDA France’s packaging solutions for hydroalcoholic, bactericidal and virucidal products ?

CDA France stands out for its exceptional expertise in the packaging of crucial products such as hydroalcoholic, bactericidal and virucidal solutions. Whether you’re a pharmacy, a laboratory or a large pharmaceutical group, our tailor-made solutions are designed to meet your exact requirements, from label placement to label applicator and efficient production line management.


2. How can CDA’s solutions support pharmacies in the packaging of hydroalcoholic solutions and antibacterial products?

Pharmacies can rely on CDA for label application, label applicator and production line solutions for hydroalcoholic solutions, pouring bottles and antibacterial products. Our equipment guarantees maximum efficiency to meet specific packaging needs.


3. How do CDA’s machines meet the requirements of laboratories for packaging bactericidal solutions ?

At CDA, laboratories will find solutions that meet the strict standards for packaging bactericidal solutions. From label application to production line management, our machines guarantee maximum integrity and compliance with quality standards.


4. What benefits can large pharmaceutical groups derive from CDA’s monoblocs and complete packaging lines for virucidal solutions ?

Large pharmaceutical companies will benefit from the efficiency and precision offered by CDA’s monoblocs and complete packaging lines for virucidal solutions. Whether for label application, a label applicator or production line management, our solutions are tailored to meet the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry.


5. How does CDA ensure accuracy in liquid filling for hydroalcoholic solutions ?

The CDA range is specifically designed to ensure maximum accuracy in liquid filling, particularly for hydro-alcoholic solutions. Our solutions ensure reliable and efficient packaging, meeting the stringent requirements of the sector.


6. How do CDA machines adapt to different types of containers, such as pump canisters, for antibacterial products ?

CDA machines are versatile, adapting perfectly to different types of container, including pump canisters for antibacterial products. Our expertise guarantees optimal packaging, offering the flexibility needed to meet a variety of requirements.


7. How do CDA’s monoblocs and complete packaging lines stand out in meeting the diverse needs of the hydroalcoholic and bactericidal sector ?

Our monoblocs and complete packaging lines are the pinnacle of CDA’s expertise in the hydroalcoholic and bactericidal products sector. They offer a complete and integrated solution, responding with excellence to label removal, label applicator, liquid filling and production line management. We are committed to providing simple and effective solutions, guaranteeing the total satisfaction of each player in the pharmaceutical sector.

Solutions for hand sanitizer & antibacterial solutions


Pharmacies and small laboratories producing hand sanitizer or antibacterial solutions in parallel with their main activity will find at CDA the answer to their needs for packaging from small to medium production. We will then advise them of a labelling or filling machine with an automatic capper(manual cap placement). These high quality and user-friendly machines make it possible to package the medium production volumes with ease by putting a first foot in automation.

Solutions for hand sanitizer & antibacterial solutions


The laboratories producing larger volumes of hand sanitizer solutions will instead turn into the automated equipment offered by CDA. Automatic labelling or filling machines will allow these manufacturers to obtain higher production rates for the packaging of their productions. CDA machines are also upgradeable. They can be adapted according to future changes in laboratory production.

Solutions for hand sanitizer & antibacterial solutions

Large pharmaceutical groups

As for large groups producing hand sanitizer solutions in big volumes, we will direct them to complete packaging lines (monoblocs) specially designed to fill, cap and label bottles in a single machine. This solution offers complete automation and above all, production rates that match the desired productivity.

Filling, sealing and labelling machines : learn more about the complete packaging lines.

Whatever your sector of activity or your product, CDA puts the experience of its design office at your disposal to develop and design your complete customised line. CDA offers the packaging line perfectly adapted to your needs by adjusting technologies, dimensions, conveyors, etc.

Feed systems (rotary tables, modular conveyor belts, etc.), Conveyor systems, Dosing / filling systems, Capping systems, Labelling systems, End-of-line systems (accumulation, case packing, film-wrapping and palletizing), Marking systems.



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