France is the world leader in the cosmetic industry! This vast market is made up of many actors and brands.

In order to support these companies in their products packaging, CDA has designed a range of machines adapted to the cosmetics professionals needs.
CDA is first and foremost a French manufacturer of filling, capping and labelling machines since 1991.

In an approach combining quality and autonomy, we have created our own machining company (CDU) in order to produce in-house the majority of the parts that make up our machines.
Since not long ago, CDA is now part of the Cosmed supplier directory!
Cosmed is a Professional Association of VSEs and SMEs in the cosmetic industry.



As Cosmed suppliers, we offer cosmetics market actors solutions that are perfectly suited to their needs:

CDA offers semi-automatic and automatic machines in its range of filling machines. Our filling machines are equipped with the most suitable dosing system (peristaltic, volumetric, flowmeter, etc.) for the range of products to be packaged (cream, pain relief, body oil, soap, essential oils, etc.). Our team takes care of testing with samples of your products to choose the most suitable solution.

Capping modules can also be integrated into CDA filling machines. Depending on the type of caps, CDA can also design an automatic feed.

CDA also offers a full line of pressure sensitive labelling machines, whether in semi-automatic or automatic mode. These machines are perfectly suited to label many containers: on the top, on the bottom, on the side, wrap around or clear label … User-friendly and versatile, CDA labeling machines already label many cosmetic products!


CDA monoblocs are 3 in 1 packaging machines perfectly suited to the packaging of small products (from 5ml to 1 liter). Ultra-compact, versatile, these monoblocs are the ideal packaging tools for filling, capping and labelling of essential oils, varnish, liquid soaps …


CDA also offers complete packaging lines consisting of a filler, capper and labeler from our range. These machines can be installed in line, U, or L to suit your premises. Our team of engineers are responsible for adapting plans and technologies to suit your needs.



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