More information about the Coq Vert community


The Coq Vert community is an initiative created by Bpifrance, the French organism for financing and business development. This community’s goal is to gather and support French companies committed to sustainable development and social responsibility.

The Coq Vert community is based on several pillars, such as :

Promoting the ecological transition: Bpifrance encourages companies to act in favor of the ecological transition. This includes actions to reduce their carbon footprint, improve their energy efficiency, promote the use of sustainable resources and develop environmentally friendly products and services.

Access to targeted financing: Bpifrance offers members of the Coq Vert community financing solutions adapted to their sustainable development projects. This financing can take the form of loans, guarantees, grants or equity investments, depending on the specific needs of each company.

The Coq Vert community is an engagement platform for French companies wishing to play an active role in the transition towards a more sustainable economy. It offers companies tools, funding, advice and a network to help them implement environmentally and socially responsible business practices, thus contributing to preserving the planet and creating a more sustainable economy in France.


CDA joins the Coq Vert community


At CDA we recognise the importance of the transition to a more environmentally friendly economy. As an industrial company, our activities have an undeniable impact on the environment, but we are committed to implementing more sustainable practices.


By joining the Coq Vert community, we have access to a range of resources and expertise to help us turn our commitment into action. Membership allows us to share our experiences and learn best practices from other companies that share our goals.


Joining the Coq Vert community is a further step in this process, and helps us to implement concrete actions to promote sustainable development in our business sector.


We have already launched a number of initiatives to reinforce our commitment to environmental and social responsibility (ESR). These include eco-design practices aimed at reducing our raw material consumption and energy footprint. We have also introduced a more responsible purchasing policy that favours sustainability and suppliers committed to more virtuous practices. We have also implemented recycling programmes in partnership with companies such as “Tchaomegot”, which turns cigarette butts into eco-designed insulation, and “Elise”, which recycles various types of waste such as paper, cups and cans. These efforts contribute to preserving the environment while creating local, sustainable jobs for people in difficulty. Since 2018, we have managed to collect more than 900 kg of paper, 35 kg of cans, 38 kg of plastic bottles and 43 kg of cups thanks to these initiatives.