For more than 30 years, CDA has been designing and manufacturing packaging  filling, capping and labelling machines. The strength of our machines lies in their adaptability, thus meeting the needs of various sectors of activity.

For several years now, CDA is implementing actions to introduce an eco-responsible approach in its daily work. Despite its industrial activity, responding to the challenges of sustainable development (socially, environmentally and economically) is important to our company.


The actuеl environmental contеxt positions the industrial sеctor as one of the key concerns to achieve the national objectives of reducing еnvironnеmеntal impacts.


1 – Eco-design


Since 2016, we have opted for independence by internalising the production of the parts that make up our machines. We have thus created CDU, our machining company, just a few steps away from the CDA premises. CDU is responsible for all the operations required for the production of our stainless steel parts (cutting, bending, welding, etc.).

Thus, we reduce the consumption of raw materials by :

Optimising the amount of metal used for each part (by nesting them on the same plate to minimise losses during cutting).

Testing and designing lighter machines. The thickness of the sheets has been reduced to make machines that use less aluminium / stainless steel and are more mobile.


We are also working on reducing the energy consumption of our machines. To achieve this, CDA uses high-efficiency motors and frequency inverters that allow us to regulate energy consumption according to need. In addition, we opt for the use of low-consumption electronic components.


Finally, CDA works on extending the life of its machines by offering its customers preventive maintenance solutions. Also, most of CDA’s machines are upgradeable, which allows them to be adapted to new customer needs. We also offer take-back solutions for machines to give them a second life or to recycle them.


2- A responsible purchasing policy


CDA attaches great importance to responsible purchasing and seeks to establish sustainable and balanced relationships with its suppliers. This approach has multiple benefits: for the planet, the local area, the customers, but also the company’s performance.


For the production of its machines and services, CDA favours purchasing from local or national companies committed to CSR. When it comes to setting up new production tools, CDA favours internal design.


In addition to the production of its machines, CDA follows a responsible sourcing policy for its customer gifts, promotional items and products for internal use. For example, CDA favours local, French or European manufacturing for the work clothes distributed to employees, but also for the structures and visuals of the stands used at trade shows. In addition, CDA favours recycled or recyclable materials and reusable objects such as ecocups or water bottles.


3- Recycling


In 2023, we introduced the recycling of cigarette butts by the company Tchaomegot, which transforms them into eco-designed insulation for the building and textile industries. We are also supported by the company Elise to revalue some of our waste such as paper, cups, and cans. Elise is part of a national network that aims to protect the environment while creating local and sustainable jobs for people in difficulty. Thanks to this initiative, which has been in place since 2018, we have collected over 900 kg of paper, 35 kg of cans, 38 kg of plastic bottles and 43 kg of cups.

Concerning our machines, we recycle 100% of the metals (aluminium and stainless steel) linked to the manufacturing of our machine parts, which has allowed us to recycle 33.56 tons.


4- QWL


CDA also works to optimise the working conditions of its employees, for example by providing high-quality protective equipment (individual and collective), high-performance IT equipment and ergonomic office equipment.

Finally, we promote well-being at work by encouraging teamwork and a balance between professional and personal life. Sports tournaments and regular internal events such as Christmas parties, barbecues, competitions, breakfasts, etc. are organised. The emphasis is on internal mobility, which promotes equal opportunities, career development and recognition.

Finally, CDA promotes various associations (sports, cultural, humanitarian) of its employees, partners, or clients through a sponsorship budget with the aim of contributing to local projects.