With more than 1500 exhibitors and 40 000 visitors, FachPack has become a must for European packaging professionals!


Whether it be for packaging materials, printing machines or logistics systems, Fachpack deals with all of these themes. More over, with new trends, perspectives and opportunities, the packaging industry continues to evolve over the years. This evolution is the real challenge for packaging players, who can take advantage of the FachPack exhibition to exchange and implement tomorrow’s innovations! Our machines at FachPack : 

  • Ninette auto : this labelling machine fits with many sectors of activity like brewing, chemistry, painting, cosmectics … Controlled with an intuitive touch screen, it can label up to 17 cylindrical products per minute ! Read more about the Ninette Auto here.


  • E-Fill : designed to adapt perfectly to the e-liquid sector, the E-Fill is a monobloc filling, capping, screwing and labelling machine for electronic cigarette bottles in particular. Thanks to its peristaltic pumping system, the liquid can be changed in less than 2 minutes without cleaning the pump. More information about the E-Fill monobloc here.


  • K-Net Auto : perfect for filling and screwing liquids with thick, fluid or heavy viscosity, the K-Net Auto ensures a speed of up to 800 litres/hour and can be adapted to various sectors of activity. More information about the K-Net Auto here.


  • Ninon Mix : for labelling square, cylindrical, oval or tapered products, the Ninon Mix automatic labeller is a loyal ally. This versatile machine can apply up to 5 labels to your products at a rate of up to 60 products/minute depending on the package. The Ninon Mix labelling machine is suitable for all sectors of activity. Read more about the Ninon Mix here.


  • Solo Konic : from the Solo range of automatic labelling machines, the Solo Konic allows you to apply an adhesive label to your tapered products. It is suitable for food, chemicals, cosmetics and much more. More information about the Solo Konic here.


The CDA sales team will be there to show you their labellers and fillers, booth 1-158.