When it comes to optimising the productivity and quality of your packaging line, there are many factors to consider. The addition of machines such as fillers, screwers and labellers enables packaging speeds to be increased considerably. Thus, it also means that the company can save time when carrying out tasks linked to its core business, such as : production.

In this new article, we take a look at CDA’s automatic fillers and their ability to optimise your packaging methods.


Growth of productivity


One of the main concerns for many manufacturing companies is, to increase productivity while maintaining the products’ quality. CDA’s automatic fillers are designed to achieve this balance. They are renowned for their versatility, allowing them to fill a wide variety of containers quickly and accurately, without making too many adjustments. CDA’s engineers are also committed to creating machines with ‘good cleanability’, which considerably reduces the packaging line’s downtime.


Reducing errors


CDA’s automatic fillers feature advanced technology and precision control to minimise filling errors. This means less wasted raw materials, less rebuttal and a significant reduction in labour costs associated with error correction.


Lower operational costs


The efficiency of your packaging line has a direct impact on your operational costs. By investing in CDA’s automatic fillers, you can reduce expenditure on labour, training and quality control operations. What’s more, these machines are designed to be easy to maintain, clean and adjust, minimising unplanned downtime and repair costs. Along with a better use of resources and reduced operational costs, you can improve the profitability of your business.


Improving product quality


Product quality is key to attracting new customers, retaining their loyalty and maintaining a solid reputation in your market. CDA’s automatic fillers ensure accurate and professional dosing of your products, avoiding the inconsistencies often associated with manual filling methods. You can also customise the filling parameters to meet the exact specifications of your products, ensuring consistency with high quality.


CDA’s filling machines are an investment that can help companies with improving their packaging efficiency (and therefore indirectly their production). They increase productivity, reduce errors, lower operating costs and improve product quality. If you’re ready to transform your production line, contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.


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