The packaging industry is evolving rapidly, and the specific needs of each company require customised solutions. As a manufacturer of filling, screwing and labelling machines, CDA stands out for its ability to offer tailor-made machines that meet the unique requirements of each industry.


Adaptation to specific needs


CDA can tailor its machines to meet specific business needs. Every business has its own challenges and requirements, and CDA’s engineers work closely with the customers to understand these specific needs. Whether it is in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or the chemical sector, CDA machines are designed to adapt perfectly to each customer’s production environment.


Flexible dosing systems


One of the key aspects of customisation is found in the flexibility of the dosing systems. CDA proposes a variety of technologies, including : volumetric systems, peristaltic pumps, flow metres and more. Each industry has specific dosing requirements, influenced by the nature of the liquids to be handled, whether those are viscous, pasty, or made of some other special compositions.

Adapted screwing options


When it comes to screwing, CDA offers customisation options to suit a diverse range of caps and closures. CDA’s screwing machines are equipped with adjustable screwing heads/nippers/belts, allowing them to handle different types of caps such as screw caps, T-caps, pour-over caps, and many others. This adaptability guarantees an automatic cap dispensing process and the perfect seal, which is essential for the product’s quality, and a true asset.


Precise labelling for all kinds of containers


Labelling plays a major role in product identification and presentation. CDA labelling machines offer customisation options, to suit a variety of label formats and materials. Whether it is for round bottles, rectangular containers, or irregular (transparent) surfaces, CDA offers accurate and reliable labelling solutions, helping with strengthening the customers’ brand image.


Continuous innovation to meet new challenges


The packaging industry is constantly evolving, and CDA remains at the forefront of innovation. CDA’s research and development team works continuously to develop new technologies and improve the functionality of existing machines, ensuring that customers always benefit from the most advanced solutions tailored to their needs.


In conclusion, customising CDA machines is much more than simply adjusting parameters, it is about having a bunch of options . It is a full approach aimed at providing complete solutions tailored to each industry. By choosing CDA, companies are sure to be receiving machines that precisely meet their needs, contributing to a more efficient production, improved quality and enhanced competitiveness in the marketplace.