Investing in new packaging machines can pose a financial challenge, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To facilitate the acquisition of our fillers, cappers, labellers, and monoblocs, several financing solutions exist, thus making our equipment more accessible to a large number of businesses.


The Challenge of Initial Investment

Acquiring a filling, capping, and labelling machine is often a significant investment for a company. Initial costs include not only the machine’s purchase price, but also costs associated with the interruption of old equipment, staff training, installation, and maintenance. These costs represent a significant financial burden, limiting the ability to invest in other projects that could enhance market attractiveness and competitiveness.


Financial Accessibility with CDA

At CDA, we understand the financial challenges companies are facing while looking to invest in new machines. That’s why we offer various solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each business, providing terms tailored to their budget and cash flow.


Different Options Offered by CDA

Renting Semi-Automatic Machines Directly from CDA

It is possible to rent a CDA machine (such as our semi-automatic labelers) for a specified period. Renting offers several advantages:

  • Reduced Initial Cost: Renting does not require a large investment; cash flow and borrowing capacity are preserved for other needs.
  • Performance Evaluation: Renting gives you the opportunity to test the machine under real operating conditions, before committing to a final purchase. You can assess the labeller’s performance and its suitability for your needs without taking significant financial risks.
  • Included Maintenance: Machine maintenance is included, freeing you from unexpected repair costs and ensuring optimal equipment operation.


Renting Automatic Machines through Financing Institutions

CDA can connect its clients with financing institutions offering lease-to-own options. This type of lease has many advantages:

  • The lease duration can vary to fit the project.
  • The initial cost is reduced (monthly payments are made), preserving the company’s cash flow.
  • The machine can be purchased at the end of the lease.


Investing in new packaging machines (fillers, cappers, and labellers) is a significant step for any business, but the associated costs can be daunting. With flexible and tailored financing solutions, companies can now access quality equipment without compromising their budget.


Contact us today to discover how our financing options can meet your needs.