Natural and timeless product, honey is appreciated by a lot of consumers for its benefits. However, its consumption and filling evolved over time, encouraging the producers to be innovative. Glass jar, plastic jar with a silicon top… the offer is diversifying. This diversification concerns also the honeypot design which reflects its quality and brand image. The importance of a precise dosage and labelling is an evidence for the value of this nectar.


Being accompanied by a partner proposing solutions adapted to your needs allow you to be focus on your core business: the honey production. In this effort, CDA evolves to facilitate the beekeepers work. With a know-how acquired through 26 years of experience and a team of technicians, CDA delivers simple, efficient and sustainable solutions.


CDA proposes a semi-automatic and automatic filling machines range. Our fillers are equipped with pump, which are adapted to the honey characteristics. On the video, the filling machine is the:

K-Net Auto, automatic machine. This machine guarantees the respect of high standards of hygiene and a high dosage tolerance (+/- 0,5% of the required volume). It can reach a rate of 800 litres per hour. It’s appreciated for its easy use (tactile display) and settings. For more information about the K-Net Auto, click here!


CDA also proposes a complete labelling machines range. These machines adjust well to honeypot labelling, to the constraints of small producers (semi-automatic machines) and major brands (automatic machines with higher rates). On the video, the labelling machine is:

The Essentiel, automatic machine that guarantees an accurate and efficient labelling (3 points technic). This machine allows up to 800 bottles to be labelled per hour with the application of 2 labels on your honeypot. The Essentiel is appreciated for its ease of use and its tactile display. For more information about the Essentiel, click here!