The French exhibition dedicated to the brewing sector.

Since 1993, first with the National Brewery Museum, then with the Salon du Brasseur, Nancy has established itself as the French meeting place for professionals in the brewing sector. This year, the 23rd edition is promising and highly anticipated. And for good reason, brewery and microbrewery projects have multiplied over the last two years. And beer consumption is apparently still growing in Europe.


In 2021, CDA will present its packaging machines dedicated to beer bottle labelling at the Salon du Brasseur.


This year, find our labelling machines most suitable for your production. Whatever your needs, the CDA sales team will be able to offer you the most suitable solution. Whether it’s a labelling machine or a complete line.


Our machines for beer packaging :

  • Ninette 2. This semi-automatic labeller allows you to apply 2 labels to your beer bottles in one operation.
  • Essentiel. The Essentiel automatic labeller can reach a speed of 17 bottles/minute and can be equipped with 2 labelling stations.
  • B1500. This automatic labeller specially designed for beer bottles can apply up to 4 labels. Easy to use, it meets the CDA standards: simplicity, efficiency and robustness.


Meet the CDA sales team on the E10 booth at the 2021 Salon du Brasseur in Nancy.