In the complex world of industry, choosing the right partner for your industrial packaging equipment is important. Opting for filling, screwing and labelling solutions tailored to your specific needs is not the only constraint ! It’s important to be supported by your partner for all after-sales issues (installation, training, emergency repairs, etc.). 


Here are a few essential tips to guide manufacturers in this important decision.


Assessing your specific needs 


Before taking any steps, you need to clearly identify your packaging requirements. Determine your flagship and complementary products, their formats, the output required, the specific features of your workshop, your production process, etc. A thorough understanding of your requirements will enable you to choose your partner and then facilitate the configuration of your equipment with them. 


Reliability and quality 


It is essential to choose a supplier whose machines are known for their reliability and quality. CDA leads the way with high-performance, long-lasting packaging solutions. Our reputation is built on years of customer support. This support has enabled us to progress and innovate, whether it is in our filling machines, screwers or labellers. 


CDA machines are designed and manufactured in France, in our workshops, with meticulous precision. The parts that make up our machines are also manufactured in-house (with the creation of our machining company CDU). This in-house approach gives us greater responsiveness, customisation and quality. 


Opting for CDA means investing in robust equipment that lasts over time. The excellent repairability of our machines is also an asset for the second-hand market, offering long-term value for your company’s assets.


Flexible solutions 


It is important to select a partner who offers flexible solutions to ensure that you can easily adapt to changing needs. CDA excels in this area, offering a diverse range of products, from semi-automatic labellers (Ninette range) to complete packaging lines. This diversity allows your company to evolve while maintaining the support of its packaging machinery supplier. 


What’s more, CDA’s fillers, screwers and labellers are often upgradeable. For example, a machine in the Ninon range can be fitted with an additional labelling station following the development of our customer’s labels/product range.  


In addition, CDA’s ability to adapt to different industrial sectors strengthens its customers’ ability to diversify their activities. This flexibility is crucial in today’s dynamic market, where the ability to innovate and adapt quickly is a major asset.


Technical support and training 


Reliable technical support is essential to ensure the continued operation of your equipment (be it your filler, screwer or labeller). At CDA, we have a dedicated team ready to provide efficient after-sales service. Our after-sales service is at your disposal, always ready to efficiently solve operational problems and provide remote assistance.


In addition to a free hotline, we have a team of mobile technicians who visit your site for installation, training, troubleshooting as well as implementing upgrades to your equipment (adding a labelling station, dosing nozzle, marking solution, etc.). 


We offer certified training through CDS (Qualiopi certified). CDS provides in-depth expertise on the use, preventive maintenance and best practices of our machines. Our training programmes are designed to ensure that your operators get the most out of our equipment, reducing operational risks, human error and downtime.


Opting for CDA means choosing comprehensive, personalised technical support that goes beyond simply purchasing equipment.


Innovative technology 


When choosing a partner for your industrial packaging equipment, innovation must be at the heart of your criteria. Thanks to a dynamic R&D department, we are constantly investing to offer efficient technologies and stay at the forefront of the industry.


Our R&D team works tirelessly to anticipate market developments and create cutting-edge solutions that are simple and effective. Every day, we rise to the challenge of designing new machines, optimising existing features and meeting the growing needs of our customers. When you choose CDA, you choose a partner who grows with you.


In conclusion, choosing the right partner for your packaging equipment is strategic. With CDA, you benefit from global expertise and a strong commitment to the success of your packaging project.