When you equip your business with a screw-capper, it’s important to choose a machine that can guarantee efficiency, precision and adaptation to your closures. This article will help you choose the screwer that best meets your needs (in terms of speed, precision, ease of use, safety, etc.) by highlighting the key tips to bear in mind.


  1. Nature of the products to be screwed 


When choosing your screwdriver/capper, it’s crucial to consider the diversity of screw caps. This covers several aspects: 

  • Dimensions (your product range may include a multitude of cap sizes)
  • Composition (materials such as plastic, glass, cork, metal, etc.), 
  • Types (lids, caps, pipette caps, etc.), 
  • Specific features (T-shaped, with pipette, pump, etc.), 
  • Containers (bottles, jars, flasks, etc.). 

Often, a product range consists of a flagship product and complementary products. Choose a screwdriver that is perfectly suited to your flagship product. Its suitability for other formats should also be taken into account. Make sure you know how to switch from one format to another, and how long it takes to set up and adjust settings. These elements are important to take into account, as they can be very complex and time-consuming.  

The solutions offered by CDA ensure a smooth transition between caps, while maintaining the efficiency and precision of the screwing process. Whether for semi-automatic or automatic screwers/cappers, CDA machines are designed to be versatile and easy to use/adjust.


  1. Packaging speed


When choosing a screwing or capping machine, it is essential to assess the quantity of products to be screwed per minute, hour or day. The speed of the machine is a determining factor in this quantity. But other factors also need to be taken into account, such as : 

  • Set-up time when changing cap format, 
  • Consumables on the machine (requiring downtime for equipment maintenance). 

Minimising downtime and maintaining optimum efficiency on your packaging line are important factors in guaranteeing the desired quantity of screw caps. 

CDA offers a range of semi-automatic and automatic screwers to meet the diverse throughput needs of small and large businesses. Whether you have low volume production or high throughput requirements, CDA’s screwing solutions can be tailored to meet your specific speed and efficiency needs.


  1. Flexibility and adaptability


CDA offers solutions that seamlessly integrate the entire primary packaging process (filling, screwing and labelling). Our screwers offer great flexibility, adapting not only to different cap formats but also to different types of product. As a result, companies in a wide range of sectors (cosmetics, chemicals, veterinary products, paint, spirits, food, etc.) have a solution adapted to their products with CDA machines.

What’s more, our machines can work with other packaging equipment, such as fillers and labellers, to form complete lines. Complete lines allow smooth synchronisation between the different stages of the process, optimising the overall efficiency of the packaging process.


  1. Reliability and ease of maintenance 


When choosing a screwdriver, it is essential to focus on reliability and ease of maintenance. CDA sets itself apart by offering screwdrivers renowned for their robustness and durability. 

Our machines are designed with particular attention to the quality of manufacture and the various components that make them up, ensuring excellent durability. What’s more, our screwdrivers are configured so as to have very few “consumables”, reducing maintenance times to guarantee continuous productivity on your production line. 

Opting for a CDA screwdriving system also means choosing a partner who puts the emphasis on training. CDS, which is Qualiopi-certified, is made up of a number of travelling technicians who, day after day, give training courses to CDA customers. These courses are tailored to your machines and your operators’ skill levels. They enable your resources to develop their skills and make optimum use of CDA’s filling, screwing and labelling machines. This ensures that the equipment lasts longer.


  1. Customization Options 


It is important to select a screwdriver that offers customization options to precisely meet the specific needs of your product range. CDA understands the diversity of requirements in the field of packaging, which is why our screwdrivers are designed to offer significant customization. Whether you have special requirements in terms of plug type, product format or production rate, there are many options available to allow you to configure the screwdriver to your unique specifications. This adaptability ensures a smooth integration into your packaging line, ensuring optimal performance. 

In addition to the many options offered to customize your machine, CDA’s R&D department can work on a completely customized and customized solution. Do not hesitate to contact the CDA teams and send us the specifications of your project so that we can study its feasibility.


By considering these criteria carefully, you can choose the ideal screwdriver for your business. CDA’s flexible and adaptable solutions stand out, offering performance to strengthen your packaging line.