Automatic filling machines are widely used in the industrial environment. When your production reaches a certain level, it becomes essential to use filling lines. Whatever your sector of activity or your type of product (food products, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.), CDA puts at your disposal its 30 years of experience in packaging and its design office to adapt the machine to your project.

Below are the top 5 reasons to buy a CDA automatic filler.


Reason #1: Save time!

For small producers as well as for large groups, our automatic filling machines save considerable time for their users. They allow companies to increase the speed of packaging of their products, whether they are liquid, viscous or pasty.

Thanks to their multiple filling heads, several containers can be filled in each cycle. Our machines can be equipped with feeding or receiving tables which save time and make the operator’s work more comfortable.

Our automatic fillers can fill up to 3000 liters per hour as for example with our K-line S (a linear automatic filling and dosing machine), which is far beyond the performance of a manual filler, but also that of a semi-automatic filler such as our K-Net (a dosing table that can be equipped with a volumetric, peristaltic or piston filler).


Reason #2: Make money!

Every company’s objective is to obtain the maximum profit with the lowest possible production cost. Our machines allow you to do this by saving considerable time and eliminating the need for operator interaction, thus optimizing your human resources.

Buying a CDA automatic filler is a cost-effective solution for small and medium businesses.


Reason #3: Efficiency, performance and simplicity

Our automatic fillers are recognized for their efficiency, performance and simplicity.

Indeed, for 30 years our teams have been working hard to optimize the precision and speed of our machines. We know that the quality of your products depends on precise filling. That is why this is the heart of CDA’s know-how.

In addition, our filling machines are capable of filling liquid, thick and pasty products. This versatility facilitates the task of companies that need to fill and package several products in different containers.


Reason #4 : A top-notch technical service

With our CDS subsidiary, we provide impeccable technical service. Our 8 itinerant technicians can meet you at your premises to :

  • Install and start up your machines
  • Carry out technical revisions
  • Move your machines
  • Troubleshoot your machines on site


Moreover, we are at your disposal to :

  • Assist you (by phone or by video) if you have any questions
  • Diagnose and repair your machines remotely thanks to our remote maintenance box. This method allows us to respond as quickly as possible to your request and avoid the need for a technician to travel
  • Dispatch consumables and spare parts
  • Plan interventions if necessary.


Thanks to CDU, which takes care of all the operations necessary for the manufacture of our parts, and to the technologies that make up this subsidiary (industry 4.0), our after-sales service is even more responsive.


Reason #5: 0 programmed obsolescence

The lifetimes of our filling systems are among the longest on the market. This longevity is due to the robustness of the components that make them up.

Producing our parts in-house offers us many advantages: we design, with our R&D department, each of the parts of our machines and therefore control their quality. We guarantee you reliable and robust automatic filling machines, without any programmed obsolescence. Manufacturing machines that last over time is one of our main objectives.



In short, using a CDA automatic filler allows you to increase your production speed, but also to benefit from a know-how and experience that guarantee you results that match your investments.

Optimize your production by increasing the speed and precision of your filling system, and benefit from the different knowledge of our subsidiaries.



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