CDA, a manufacturer of packaging machinery, has recently entered into a strategic partnership with EHEDG. This collaboration promises to bring significant benefits in terms of hygiene and food safety of CDA’s equipment.


EHEDG, or the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group, is recognised as the benchmark for hygienic design and engineering. Founded with the mission of being the leading source of expertise in this field, EHEDG strives to improve food safety and quality on a global scale.


Shared objectives 


CDA would like to benefit from EHEDG’s expertise to raise the hygiene standards of its packaging machines, and more specifically its filling machines, to improve food safety and product quality.


Partnership benefits 


Through this membership, CDA is committed to incorporating the hygienic design and engineering practices recommended by EHEDG into its packaging solutions. CDA’s customers will benefit from this advance in food safety.


Future prospects


This partnership between CDA and EHEDG marks the beginning of progress and innovation in the food packaging sector. By working closely with EHEDG, CDA aims to be at the forefront of the industry in hygienic design and engineering.


This collaboration gives us the opportunity to intensify our research and development activities. Additionally, it also allows us to explore new approaches, test cutting-edge technologies and push back our boundaries to create even more hygienic and efficient packaging solutions.


At the same time, CDA will continue to explore sustainability initiatives. Environmentally-friendly solutions, recyclable materials and eco-responsible practices will be integrated into the design process, aligning hygiene objectives with growing concerns for social and environmental responsibility.


In summary, the partnership between CDA and EHEDG symbolises an ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, helping to shape a future where hygiene and food quality are the cornerstones of the packaging industry.