CDA is a company that designs and manufactures packaging machines for filling, capping and labelling products of various kinds. Thirty years of expertise have enabled us to develop specific design processes that allow us to manufacture with a strong focus on eco-design.


Learn more about this process in several steps:


The design of a CDA machine:


CDA has a research and development department that designs new models from A to Z. First, the machine takes shape on 3D software before moving on to the very important prototyping phase. The creation of prototypes makes it possible to correct any imperfections that may not have been apparent in the design software.

Thanks to decades of experience, CDA designs machines that require few electrical components by thinking about the use of natural forces such as gravity. An example of this is the sorting system of the Distri Cap. The sorting system works thanks to gravity. Depending on the cap and its position when it is picked up on the lift, it will fall back into the cap tank or be transported to the container on which it is placed.


The search for simplicity in the service of sustainability:


CDU is our processing company. We manufacture all parts in-house. Plates, frames, legs: everything is manufactured at CDU, CDA’s ultra-modern production facility.

Over the years we have developed lighter machines that require less metal in their manufacture to continue our progress towards eco-design. Work has been done on the thickness of the sheets to make the machines less aluminium and stainless steel intensive and more mobile.

We have also changed the way we manufacture spare parts so that only the right amount of metal is used when machining a part. This involves nesting parts on the same large plate to avoid wasting material during cutting. Finally, a campaign to optimise the quantity of material in the parts has been carried out and this process is still underway for certain references.


Eco-design for low power consumption


Experience and tests also allow us to improve the design process of the machines. In order to offer the best machine, we think about all aspects of the machine. On the motor side, we avoid oversizing. It’s all about keeping the right motors to make the conveyors work optimally and avoid wasting energy for nothing. This thinking allows us to create ‘simple’ machines that age well. In terms of automation, we don’t leave parts of the machine running if they are not needed. This involves programming the machine to avoid any loss of energy.


Local suppliers for quality materials and reduced transport


At CDA, we work with local suppliers to source raw materials and certain machine options such as HSA industrial markers. It has always been in our DNA to work with our closest neighbours to avoid long transport distances and keep production local.


Eco-design = 0 programmed obsolescence


At CDA, machines are built to last. Their design is robust and requires little maintenance. Moreover, CDA’s service department provides spare parts for all models, even the oldest ones. After 20 years, you can find any spare part for your machine by contacting CDA. In addition, our 8 mobile technicians will visit you to carry out technical revisions and repair your machines directly at your premises. Our after-sales service is also at your disposal to answer your questions by telephone, diagnose and repair your machine remotely via the remote maintenance box, send your consumables and spare parts or plan an intervention at your premises.


Recycling of our waste


Finally, the recovery of ADC and UDC waste is crucial to us. We work with specialised local companies that recover and recycle the material scraps and materials essential to the manufacture of our packaging machines. In 2021, 28 tonnes of metal were recycled, including 4 tonnes of aluminium and 24 tonnes of stainless steel. We also recycle electrical cables and CDA’s everyday waste (paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, cups, etc.).