Packaging is a common challenge for many companies.

Whether it is a question of filling chemicals, food products, e-liquids, or labelling paint buckets, wine bottles, cosmetic products… CDA machines are often versatile and adaptable to a wide range of applications.


Multiple needs, precise answer


CDA’s Engineering Department designs all our machines in order to make them adaptable to the most precise needs using the most advanced technologies.

Our team of experienced engineers thus offers a coherent response to each packing project, regardless of your sector of activity or the specificities of your products.

To meet the expectations and constraints inherent to each individual, we have developed a wide range of machines with characteristics specific to different needs: handle lifting for bucket-type products, welding marking for precise labelling, tamper-proof labeling, precise volumetric or weight filling….

Each sector has its own specificities and labelling machines, filling machines, dedicated monoblocks.



To help you see more clearly in the machines adapted and adaptable to your products, we have created the “sectors of activity” section.

These pages are intended to introduce you to the machines that can be adapted to your needs according to your sector of activity.



To each sector of activity its own page and dedicated machines!


  • Food sector: all CDA packaging machines designed for the food industry on our page “Labellers, fillers and complete lines for the food industry”.


  • Brewery sector: the “beer special” labelling machine and monoblock designed by CDA await you on our “labelling and filling machine for the brewery sector” page.


  • Cosmetics sector: labelling machine, filling machine, monobloc and complementary solutions for the packaging of your perfumes, creams, varnishes and other cosmetic products on our special page.


  • E-liquid sector: all the machines dedicated to e-liquid and the electronic cigarette universe of CDA are on our “labelling machines, filling machines and monoblocks for e-liquid products packaging” page.


  • Painting sector: specific labelling machine with the presence of a handle or welding on your buckets and pails of paint / varnish, filling machine or complete line for the paint and varnish industry.


  • Wine sector: all CDA labellers and crimpers for wine and spirits bottles are on our special page “Labellers and crimpers for the wine & spirits sector”.


  • Chemicals sector: discover the CDA machines for chemistry and detergent on the page “filling, labelling and packaging line for the chemical industry”.


These sector pages are designed to guide you in the choice of your packaging machine. They will be enriched and developed over time, based on new CDA innovations and customer requests. Feel free to come back and see them!


Do you have a very specific request for the packaging of your products?

Our team also manufactures tailor-made packaging lines. Contact CDA via chat or contact form.