We are proud to present our latest filling machine for solid products: the Capsule and Film-Coated Tablet Counter.


The Machine’s Principle


The capsule and film-coated tablet counter is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Designed for a long service life, the machine was made from high-quality materials such as mirror-polished stainless steel, glass and food-grade plastic (POM c). The various components of the counting machine are :


  • A vibrating hopper, into which the film-coated tablets/capsules are fed ‘loose’. This hopper ensures a constant supply of tablets to the rotary table.
  • A rotating table (made of glass) with “guides” that enable the tablets to be moved precisely around its periphery. The tablets are then conveyed to a counting hopper in a free fall, creating a space between each capsule. This space creates an optimum pitch for laser curtain counting.
  • A counting airlock into which the tablets are conveyed once they have been counted. This airlock is fitted with a flap that conveys the tablets to the right or left for easy and accurate collection.


Objective : Speed and Accuracy


Equipped with a counting capacity of 1000 capsules (size 0) per minute, it ensures maximum productivity. What’s more, its 1/10,000 accuracy ensures precise, professional and reliable counting.


Semi-Auto machine


To guarantee the performance of our capsule and film-coated tablet counter, we have subjected the machine to extensive testing. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure that this innovation meets our customers’ highest expectations.


Our sales team will be demonstrating the machine at the Natexpo exhibition in Paris from the 22nd to the 24th of October. A semi-automatic system will be demonstrated (manual feeding of containers to the counting chamber), but future developments will enable this solution to be automated. You can meet and talk to our team at the stand L70 about your packaging projects.


About CDA Fillers and Labellers :


CDA Fillers and Labellers is a world leader in the design and manufacture of packaging and counting machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Committed to innovation and quality, we provide packaging solutions to meet our customers’ needs, while ensuring the reliability and accuracy of our machines.