CDA has had a wonderful year in 2022 thanks to you: customers, partners, collaborators, and employees.

Last year CDA recorded :

  • 10 new hires including an apprentice
  • 18 trade fairs
  • 80,000 machined parts
  • 1000 frames produced


An expanded screwing range


In 2022, our screwing solutions were completed by the VS 2000 and the Distri Cap. This is a great revolution for CDA in the screwing sector, as these machines allow the automatic distribution of caps on products. This means that it is no longer necessary to have someone to feed the cap onto the product, the machine is completely autonomous.

A great addition to the monobloc family


The E-FILL SW Pipette made its appearance at CDA in 2022. This monobloc allows the filling, screwing, and labelling of products on one and the same machine. It can be used in full automatic mode, i.e. all packaging operations are automated. The E-FILL SW Pipette can also be used in switch mode, which does not allow for automatic cap removal but saves time in packaging small series. What’s new is that it provides an automatic packaging solution for containers with pipette caps.

Our arrival in new sectors of activity


The year 2022 was a real turning point for CDA as the company entered new business areas such as CBD. CDA has participated in several CBD trade fairs in France but not only. CDA is confident in this field, on the one hand, because European and French legislation has changed on this subject, but also because of its diversified product range: cream, ointment, oil, e-liquid… Whatever the format of the container, CDA machines can package products in this field.

You will have found us at many trade fairs this year (Vinitech in Bordeaux, All4pack in Paris, Fachpack in Nuremberg…) and at your side thanks to a team of technicians and an after-sales service at your disposal. In an iterative approach, we have continued to work on our internal processes to guarantee the best quality for our customers.


In 2023, we will be participating in a number of trade fairs such as :


  • SIVAL in Angers, a plant production exhibition (17 to 19 January)
  • MAGHREB PHARMA in Algiers, pharmaceutical technology trade fair (7 to 9 February)
  • CFIA in Rennes, food processing exhibition (14 to 16 March)
  • VINEQUIP in Mâcon, wine exhibition (28 to 30 March)
  • VAPEXPO in Lyon, trade fair for the vape industry (16 to 17 April)
  • DJAZAGRO in Algiers, food production exhibition (5 to 8 June)
  • NATEXPO in Paris, a trade fair for organic products (22 to 24 October)
  • PROD&PACK in Lyon, packaging exhibition (21 to 23 November)
  • SITEVI in Montpellier, wine, olive, fruit, and vegetable production exhibition (28 to 30 November)


In case of a change of program or cancellation of an event, all information will be updated on our website.

For 30 years, CDA has been an expert in the manufacture of packaging machines and has sold more than 10,000 machines worldwide. Our wide range of machines can satisfy all operators, large and small productions. Our labelling, filling, screwing, and capping machines correspond to each sector of activity: brewery, viticulture, e-liquid, chemistry, cosmetics…

Joining us in 2023 will allow you to benefit from robust, cost-effective, and easy-to-use tools. If you trust CDA with your business, your products are in good hands as our machines process no less than one billion products per year.

You can contact us via the contact form to find out more about all our machines and services. Our team looks forward to talking and working with you in 2023. Come and visit us at our premises or at the trade fairs we attend. We are present in France, Germany, and the USA. It is also possible to organize videoconferences.

CDA wishes you a happy new year 2023.