CDA has been designing and manufacturing packaging machines in Narbonne since 1991. These three decades of experience serving a diverse range of professional customers, both in terms of projects and in their sector of activity, have given us a philosophy that is unique to CDA. Our employees, technicians and sales staff have evolved together to become true CDAcians, ambassadors of the company and its values in France and abroad.

Our company philosophy is based mainly on 5 key values that define us :


1) Boldness


At CDA, we dare! We dare to take risks by being agile and intelligent, to adapt to changes, to seize the opportunity to do better, to be always one step ahead and to grow. To be a CDAcian is above all to have the courage and ingenuity to drive the constant evolution of our machines, improve our organisation and our environment. Working with us means being able to think and do things differently.

This is why we make sure that we create evolutionary packaging machines. Our objective is to adapt to the needs of our customers in order to find the best technical compromise to meet their expectations. We do not hesitate to leave our comfort zone and to set up new processes and systems to meet the demands made of us. But boldness alone is not enough, because it is nothing without the sharing, trust, freedom and simplicity that come with a common project.


2) Sharing


At CDA, sharing means exchanging and transmitting knowledge and know-how in a spirit of reciprocity. To be a CDAcian is to be part of a collective where the development of each person is built on a daily basis.
Sharing is one of our values because it allows the creation of a harmonious partnership. Our project managers are at the heart of this process as they form a bridge between our customers and the Design Office and Research & Development departments. Their role consists of reconciling the expectations that customers have of their future machine, their technical constraints and the characteristics of the latter.


3) Trust


At CDA, we are aware of and rely on the value of each individual. The trust within our collective is based on mutual respect and stable cooperation. To be a CDAcian is to believe in myself, my colleagues and my management in order to look to the future and to build projects that develop over time.

With us, you will be assured of a collaboration with confidence and consideration. Trust first, because we respect your history and your needs. We do our utmost to serve you to the best of our ability, regardless of the project or the size of your company. At CDA, all our clients are important and we want to satisfy them all in the same way. And finally, consideration, because we take into account all of your expectations and seek to meet them as best we can, in order to offer you the filling machine, the screwing machine or the labelling machine best suited to your packaging project.


4) Freedom


At CDA, we are free in our projects, we push the limits, we adapt to changes and we trust each other since the creation. To be a CDAcien is to be unique and not to be locked into a box. It means having the possibility of being in contact with all our trades and being free in our working methods.

In our collaboration, our limits will be your only constraints. From the screwing machine to the monobloc, via the filling machine, we adapt our packaging machines to your desires and needs. When you call on CDA, you are assured of support throughout the project and even years later thanks to CDS (the subsidiary that manages the after-sales service for CDA machines). We are at your disposal to discuss and carry out tests with our design office. The latter may ask you for samples to ensure that the project is carried out correctly, and thus manage to find the dosing / screwing / labelling system best suited to your entire product range, depending on your sector of activity.


5) Simplicity


At CDA, simplicity is the image of our machines, keeping only the essential, saving time, facilitating learning and creating reliability. To be a CDAcian is to have sincerity and integrity. We take our work seriously and in a friendly manner. We are simple in our complexity. Our source of creativity is built on layers of simplicity.

The pursuit of simplicity makes our machines durable over time and allows us to offer you reliable models that you will keep for years. Our Research & Development department is staffed by engineers whose role is to think and design lean systems, based on mechanics and physical laws such as gravity. The result is machines that are free of unnecessary materials or electronic components that would otherwise deteriorate quickly.