When it comes to maximising efficiency and safety when using a packaging machine, training and technical support play a central role. As a manufacturer of filling, screwing and labelling machines, CDA knows the importance of good training to ensure the safe and efficient use of its machines.


The CDA Hotline : guaranteeing maximum responsiveness


In addition to initial training, ongoing technical support (free after-sales service Hotline) is essential for resolving operational problems and ensuring a rapid follow-up. CDA has set up a Hotline, ready to intervene remotely to provide assistance with operational questions, specific adjustments, the dispatch of spare parts or the triggering of emergency interventions (by our team of mobile technicians). Hotline members are trained to diagnose and resolve problems efficiently. This responsiveness not only helps to minimise downtime, but also ensures that our customers receive high-quality support.


The flexibility of itinerant technicians for personalised assistance


Every customer who owns one of our fillers, screwers or labellers has their own unique challenges and features. That’s why CDA goes one step further by offering a team of mobile/itinerant technicians, ready to travel to the customer’s site. This qualified team is equipped to : 

  • Install and configure the various packaging machines,
  • Solve complex problems
  • Provide personalised advice,
  • Upgrade filling, screwing and labelling machines,
  • Carry out preventive maintenance.


The presence of mobile technicians offers maximum flexibility to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Whether for initial installations, upgrades or special adjustments, our field technicians are dedicated to ensuring the ongoing performance of CDA’s equipment.


CDA : a trusted partner 


In conclusion, training and technical support in the use of fillers, screwers and labellers is essential. CDA, as a manufacturer of packaging machines, is committed to providing quality services, training and technical support. 


Investing in CDA’s equipment means investing in a comprehensive expertise that goes beyond the simple acquisition of equipment. With CDS, a team of hotline and field technicians, we are ready to support you in using our packaging machines efficiently, safely and optimally.