30 years

30 years ago, CDA consisted of 2 people, the bet on pressure sensitive labeling and only one machine in the range. His strength ? Determination, envy, but also these little combinations of things … Good mmetings that create emulsion! Customer support that leads to learning! The perseverance that brings the ideas to life!


These 30 years, we owe them to you: customers, resellers, suppliers, partners, employees… Your projects, your confidence, your requirements and your comments have made us grow. They made us learn, they allowed us to question ourselves and they led us to move forward.
CDA therefore grows and develops at the pace of your projects and technologies, but also according to its time and its era: changes, we go through them together.


1992 – 1996

From 1992 to 1996, CDA went from 3 employees to 5, from a single labeler in its range to 7.
4 years later, the world celebrated the entry into the 21st century while CDA developed its labelling techniques to adapt to new product shapes: tapered, square, oval … The field of possibilities becomes wide: CDA labeling machines will now be able to equip all industries!


In 2008, when the financial crisis exploded, CDA had 30 employees and opened a new chapter by working on the design of filling machines. Since then, the range of CDA fillers has continued to grow and now includes 7 models.


CDA celebrated its 21st birthday in 2012 by making its American dream come true with the establishment of CDA USA in Richmond (Virginia).
Building on this success, CDA launched, 3 years later, into the design of monoblocs: 3-in-1 machine capable of filling, capping and labeling small bottles. This novelty quickly finds its target and allows the company to boost its growth.


Growth sustained and supported since 2016 by CDU. This 4.0 plant now produces the majority of parts for our fillers and labelers thanks to the acquisition of turning, milling, sawing and robot machines.


In 2017, the conquest of the German market was highlighted with the creation of CDA Deutschland.


This year, we are therefore celebrating our 30th anniversary accompanied by more than 150 employees, from France, America and Germany. We thank you and look forward to being with you for many years to come! Please do not hesitate to contact us !