The 2022 edition of Vinitech will be held from Monday 29 November to Wednesday 1 December at the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre.


The Vinitech-Sifel exhibition is specialised in the wine, fruit and vegetable sectors. The main players will be present and will once again allow a real emulsion around the innovation of this sector.



CDA, faithful to this unmissable event, will be present and will exhibit its machines:

Ninette 2 is a labelling machine that can apply two labels on wine bottles (still and or sparkling). This machine is semi-automatic; the bottles are fed to the labelling station manually.

The Ninette Auto semi-automatic labelling machine applies up to two labels to the bottles. This machine is equipped with a conveyor and a touch screen and is on the borderline between a semi-automatic and an automatic machine.

The Essentiel applies two labels while crimping metal and/or PVC caps. The Essentiel is an automatic machine that can be used to label various bottle sizes (from 1/2 to Magnum without additional tools).

Regionale: designed for the wine sector, this automatic labeller allows the adhesive labelling of wine bottles. The Regionale can reach a speed of 1500 bottles/hour. This labeller also handles the application and crimping of capsules.

– Lystop 4: Specially designed for large-scale production, this machine has an output of 3000 bottles/hour. The Lystop 4 can apply up to 4 labels to wine bottles. This labelling machine can also crimp metal and PVC caps. The machine is easy to use and most of the settings are made automatically via the touch screen.



The entire CDA team looks forward to discussing your packaging projects!